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5/1/2020 c9 MuddyDwarf
Update pls
4/4/2019 c9 Shin Gojira
Please I want to read moreee
9/24/2018 c9 Pathfinder097
OMG this is so kinky the Shit where finn made PB lick his member clean was so nasty but... I LOVE IT
7/19/2018 c9 Silber D. Wolf
11/8/2017 c2 Creus
Nice chapter!
11/8/2017 c1 Creus
Very interesting! You have my attention.
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10/3/2017 c1 Guest
This sounds like it will be the next My Immortal.

Learn to spell.
9/26/2017 c1 Guest
I didn't read the chapter but i can already tell this not going to end well
9/17/2017 c9 Smiling Lemon
Oh yea we're going sexy crazy and I can't wait for more!
9/17/2017 c9 32THBehemoth
I still love it, please update soon!
9/17/2017 c9 King69
Anal beads
9/17/2017 c9 2te.nellis
9/17/2017 c9 9He23t
More and more the truth is really big.
7/27/2017 c3 82DJ Rodriguez
Now this was good! Heh, Finn is one LUCKY S.O.B.! And I believe that Marceline is going to do all she can to make sure that Finn is hers 100%. This was very tastefully done, so excellent work!

Keep it up!
7/27/2017 c2 DJ Rodriguez
HAHAHAHA! Now this was good! Marceline meets the family, has a very interesting brushing with Finn, and it seems that she is going to do what she can to make sure the land and Finn are hers completely! Heh, this is getting interesting!

Excellent work! Keep it up!
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