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10/6/2016 c5 Smiling Lemon
I can't wait to see more and you know who that Nymph is and what is going to do if she gets to be alone with Finn. I can't wait to see more!
10/6/2016 c5 9He23t
That was sexy! great job.
9/4/2016 c4 KingTurtle247
plz update its really good so far
8/31/2016 c4 4FleksAndru
8/28/2016 c4 9He23t
Yay Update
8/27/2016 c4 32THBehemoth
Interesting, can't wait to see more!
8/27/2016 c4 The Book of Eli
Maybe it is and she's just on edge. But it'll be a nice twist if fake Bonnie is actually real Bonnie with a bunch of clones. Anyway I enjoy the antics in this chapter and can't wait to see more...
7/3/2016 c3 Guest
When are you going to update.
6/27/2016 c3 1oghren
Interesting though the grammar could use some work in spelling and such. So good job and keep up the good work.
6/27/2016 c3 Lloyd RPGFan
Princess Bubblegum probably wants Finn's help with a little experiment on inter-species reproduction. ;)

Awesome lemon by the way, hope there will be more of it.
6/5/2016 c3 2Xuln
It was decent enough melon, it felt as if you rushed through the words and didn't say/describe all that you wanted to. Just let it all out.
6/5/2016 c3 15Nos482reborn
not bad.. like the story so far very nice lemon btw.
6/5/2016 c3 Nicerick7
Marceline almost went yandere mood.
Waiting for chapter 4
6/4/2016 c3 32THBehemoth
Not bad, but I do feel it was lacking. NOT a flame or criticism, just an opinion. Not the smut or anything.
Can't wait for the next chapter, going to love the morning after with Finn's mom! I wonder how much she'll embarrass them?
6/4/2016 c3 Smiling Lemon
Hot and awesome I really enjoyed this. My only nit pick is that Marcy wasn't more dominate but its all cool. I can't wait to see more!
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