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6/27/2017 c11 WinterDragon274
So is this gonna be a ot3 fic now? Not that I'm complaining, but now that the thought for these three have been put in my head: 1) I ship it, and 2) someone needs to come up with a ship name for it, and submit it to the shipping chart. Now on to things related to the chapter.

It was a good chapter, don't sell yourself short.

Adam is gonna is going to give me a heartattack.

I have never wanted to punch someone exclusive to a flashback more than the guy you beat up Sun because he was a Faunus.

Like I said before the chapter was good, don't sell yourself short, and I look forward to the next chapter.
6/16/2017 c11 Jesse
The Sun flashbacks in this chapter would have been painful on their own but after listening to the rap verse in Like Morning Follows Night and the implication in it that Sun isn't as happy as he seems, they're even more painful.
6/15/2017 c11 Jutten
Well, well. Things took a serious turn here, this story is getting more and more interesting
6/15/2017 c11 Ashe
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah those Sun flashbacks may have just been a few lines, but man did they hurt my heart. They also made me even more curious about Sun's backstory, from the information we've gotten so far he certainly seems to have had a hard life.

Honestly this fic just seems to get better with every new chapter
6/15/2017 c11 Emiliano733
Hello, the chapter is way good you can think, most on all the talk beetween Adam and Roman(for curiosity, do you ship Adam/Neo?). I'll wait gladly for the fight against the mecha and for the dance and i hope Sun and Adam will have many badass fights. See you later.

P.s. exactly, how Weiss knew whath Sun thought? He stopped while walking or whath?
6/14/2017 c11 7ARTiculate3267
Oooohhh! I like the idea that Sun had dealt with some Faunus discrimination himself, makes his character more or less in depth. Love your work so far! Hope you update soon!
6/7/2017 c5 Yachi
Oh man this chapter has me so curious, just what darkness has Sun and the others seen. What secret past is team SSSN hiding? Why is Haven Academy so secretive about them?

It's been a long time since I read a fic that had me as excited as this one, you're really a great writer
6/5/2017 c10 Ashe
Awww, Sun is making friends. Or well, he's working on it, he'll get there though, not even Weiss can resist Mr Sunshine himself.

I look forward to the next chapter
6/5/2017 c10 Emiliano733
Hello, very nice story, despite Blake is my second favourite charachter after Qrow i'm neutral about her ships(let's say i like them all if used well), but this is probably the best blacksun of the fandom. I like how you're using Sun(and i wish he won't be too op compared to his teammates and other charachters) and i'm curious to see whath do you have in mind, just please, if Pyhrra still dies, don't use Lancaster or White knight. See you later.

P.s. if you don't know it, i advice you The god of high school(a manwha on webtoons), since the protagonist is always goku and it's way more better of thath crap called Dragon Ball Super, thath now seems more like a parody. I hope also someone at rt read it, since team SSSN need many more badass fights, especially after Ilia(most stupid battle of the series).
6/5/2017 c10 Arc.hammer
Great story looking forward to more!
6/4/2017 c9 Ashe
I found this fic last night and it was so good I ended up foregoing sleep just so I could read it all. You've got such a good grasp on the characters and have made Blake and Sun's seem very realistic. I'm super curious to find out what happens next, and especially what's so special about Sun and his team.
2/9/2017 c1 Tai Tankamaru
can i join
1/2/2017 c9 Gaulboy777
So, i am a big fan of Sun and this story is pure AWESOMENESS. keep up the good work! eagerly waiting for the next update
12/26/2016 c9 4Jazzatron
You know all I really want to say is that I like this and it's nice to see some Blake and Sun stuff their really isn't enough of that which is really surprising

Also are you ever going to bring back that whole Ren beat the crap out of team CRDL to apologise to Nora because as random as that was it I really liked it
12/13/2016 c8 4XeccentricX
I absolutely love this story! Most of the RWBY fandom have no appreciation for Black Sun, but I'm glad that their is at least one good Fanfiction to read on it. I can't wait for you to update!
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