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10/5 c23 induk
read a fic called an exercise in stupidity... some woman comes up to you a civilian and tries to slap you... you grab her hand and either slap her back or throw her away.. not get hit... it makes you sound like some edgy emo kid that takes the bullies beting than goes home and cuts himself..
10/5 c22 induk
he is like a Sodomasochist... he keeps felling angry but he keeps forgiving everyone , understanding everyone... that's no fun... it makes the story frustrating... he is like a ninja saint...
9/4 c22 Guest
Tired of the "pain and sorrow" bullshit and don't want to hear the "I know where shes coming from" bullshit. The latter is even worse in this scenario. He was betrayed through and through. Even after explaining things. Get mad. Be mad. Be furious. Not fucking sympathetic. Sympathetic isn't the first reaction you have when someone fucks you over. That's after giving them a piece of your fucking mind.

God that pissed me the fuck off. Using the poor-pitiful-me shit isn't going to always be moving if it doesn't fucking resonate.

Only complaint I have so far. Otherwise, good shit.
9/4 c17 Guest
All of that... was hella intense. Holy shit. I didn't expect Sakura dying.
9/4 c14 Guest
... Holy fuck.

I had suspicions but it still surprised the hell out of me. And this symbiote thing too.

Damn things got good.
9/4 c11 Guest
The comedy is starting to get a bit overbearing. Also what is his hair styled as if he's constantly being thought of as a girl? Get this man a fresh cut.
9/3 c5 Guest
So far... Not very impressed with this character... The mc is a pretty hard to watch loser. He's probably the most unimpressive, uninteresting, and unremarkable mc I've ever read about. The only thing he really has going for him is that he got isekai'd and he's kinda funny. But so far none of that has really done much.

Can he perfectly throw shuriken and kunai's or something?

His parents say he's pretending to be stupid or whatever but that's such a cliche scenario that it makes his unimpressive'ness even worse. I like the way this story is written but show something from the mc. Soon. Cause I'm quickly losing interest solely because of him rn.
8/19 c15 Guest
Garbage story mate
8/19 c12 Guest
Your sense of humor is garbage, Mc's name is garbage, and some of the plot points and changes you made to the story are garbage, this faf fic is 80% garbage stop and delete this please.
8/19 c75 DarkBan
Well, damn, what a way to leave the reader wanting more, DAMN! xD

Beautifully done, and im enjoying this so much too!
Im so happy i uncovered this jewel so far into the story :)

Thanks for sritting and sharing the story so far, author!
Hope you have an amazing time!
8/15 c75 arjunnagarajan2
I've been hit with one of the best cliffhangers in 2 years, and the fic is dead

Bruh moment

This fic is awesome... why must you do this
8/4 c75 imAwonder
Okay this is so fing amazing! S! Awesome! First of all, I love your OC, storyline, and the twists! I have mixed feelings with Orochimaru and Al since sometimes I wish they like really really bond as a father and son and go frolick(?) Into the sunset and sometimes I want him to be just done woth Orochimaru And I don't even remember how he got redeemed in canon. Another, never liked Ino and I was broken when apparently they're a pair Sucks but still love this fic so I persevere to see Al's journey. Just hope he and Sasuke don't fight over her cause ugh. But, Sasuke just cares for her from what I read, hopefully. And dammmn, love me some bamf OC! But damnit the last update is 2019 and the cliffhanger! Noooooo! Please tell me it's not Sasuke's huhuhu please I'm sooooo hooked with this story, you set my ass on fire and now I need to read what happened next Hoping and wishing you're still continuing this amazing fic! A definite fav! Looking forward to the day this updates! Thank you for sharing this! Have I told you your writing is amazing? Cause, yes, yes it is. So f-ing much. Your OC is f-ing fantastic, adorable, funny, sooo looking forward to his shenanigans. Got me laughing on some Love this so much! Hope you update soon️️️️️️️️
7/31 c75 Guest
Is this dropped?
7/25 c75 OverLordMiko
More please
7/25 c75 PinkFlower2
Oooooooo WHAT! 0-0 . The cliffhanger!
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