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for So I'm an Axe Murderer

5/25/2017 c2 136rebecca-in-blue
Oh my gosh, I think I enjoyed this chapter as much as the first. You maintain that perfect blend of humor and intensity. I lol'ed that Johanna's reactions to Finnick's perfect smile is "to contribute a little disorder to his face" and "What the hell are these?" when Gale gives her flowers. I think he comes to a much deeper understanding of her in this chapter, and I love how you explore her feelings towards Katniss's non-execution of Snow. How she was jealous that Katniss got to do it, angry that she didn't see him die - again, these are things that never occurred to me before, but now suddenly seem obvious. Really wonderful work - and I burst out laughing at Gale's new nickname for her at the end! I'm impressed that he even got away with calling her that once.
11/30/2016 c2 Guest
Yesss! Will their be another update soon? Pleeeaaassse? Oh, and the more Odesta the better.
7/15/2016 c1 A Devoted Fan
This story is... probably the very best characterization of both Katniss and Johanna, post-Mockingjay, that I have ever seen on . I think that I may also be a newly-converted shipper of Johale, due entirely to this story. Finnick and Annie were gorgeously done, and the bit of District four culture they mentioned was both funny and headcanon-worthy. You should definitely continue your Johale story line!(Please...)
5/29/2016 c1 rebecca-in-blue
Hi, here from the review-a-thon, and I really, really enjoyed this story. I think it accomplished one of the best things that I shipping story can do, which is take two characters that I'd never considered as a couple before and make such a strong case for them that their relationship suddenly seems obvious and natural. Johanna's snarkiness always made her so much darn fun, and you capture that (and her character in general) really well here, especially in her scenes with Katniss. I lol'ed at "Do I look like the type that wants your sloppy seconds?" and several other lines. I also really love that you kept everybody alive because yes, that needed to happen!

You describe it as a crack fic and a comedy, which it is in many ways, but I also see a lot of plausibility and drama in it too, like the scene of Johanna taking in her physical appearance and remembering flashes of her torture. You also make some good points about Katniss judging Gale for his tactics, when it's true that nobody can emerge from warfare with their hands fully clean. (That always felt like a rather forced break-up tactic on Suzanne Collins's part.) But even with their digs at her, I think Katniss still comes off as a bit of a Mary Sue in this, particularly in the scene of Johanna grudgingly admiring her "magnetic presence." It also seems like, since Johanna is so defensive, she would've assumed sooner that Gale was joking when he asked her out.
5/27/2016 c1 47Cheile
Hiya Mei – here for CP Reviewathon. The title caught my eye right away, so how could I resist? lol

This is quite hysterical and you have Johanna down pretty good with her attitude and changing moods. Her dialogue in particular is classic Johanna – for my favorite exchange, I’m torn between Katniss tuning her out for some long minutes or that whole conversation with Odesta about why clothes are optional, LOLOL. Its very easy to picture her expressions in both of these cases as well as the other scenes.

Gale and Jo’s date was really cute and it’s a really strange pairing but I can see it working for the reasons Gale brought up and that they have some personality aspects in common. If you plan to write any additional parts or a follow-up I’d be game to see it. This was a fun read.
5/26/2016 c1 four-legged clover
First off, I love the title of this. It was kind of freaking me out until I read the bit about "So then I took my axe and chopped him in half!" That was great. I love how Katniss is so blase, and the part where Johanna's picking an outfit is also hilarious. I can't find a single thing wrong with your fic, except that I feel like some characters are a lot more exaggerated than others. Really, I have no problems. This is a wonderful fic.
5/26/2016 c1 7AprilLittle
I enjoyed a Johale fic.

*checks for signs of illness*


(What have you done to me, Mei?!)

The second paragraph almost turned me off a bit, because it kind of felt like a massive run-on sentence, but then I got into it...I love your Johanna! She's still super feisty and bitter, but there's more humor too, so it all evens out :)

[...resumed their base operational mode of gazing rapturously into each other's eyes.] Love the Odesta fluffy moments and the swats that Jo aims at them!

Gale's suggestion at the end makes me think of the beginning of the first book, him saying to Katniss that they could run away together and be safe; I get the same feeling of sincerity here. He's fucked some things up, he's done some things right, and that's all he has to offer. And Johanna's okay with that. Lovely, satisfying end to the fic :)
5/26/2016 c1 70Gamemakers
I couldn't very well *not* read something titled 'So I'm An Axe Murderer,' now could I?

[Who even owns that many cardigans] Me, probably. /Hides in constant shame/

I literally squealed when I realized Finnick was alive. I’m so glad you decided to ignore the evil typo. And the two of them still being in their honeymoon phase… tee hee.

[For the first time… like an eighteen year old boy.] Small point, but nineteen. Gale’s two years older than Katniss.

ASKJFAE WJES THaT ENDING. SO CUTE. And they do really belong together (and have some pretty decent logic). I like it :-)

Thank you so much for sharing, Mei! This was a really fun story!
5/19/2016 c1 27foojules
You create a really nice balance between Johanna’s OTT bloodthirstiness and flashes of actual human feeling. I think she and Gale would make a great power couple. Hee, and it just dawned on me that Katniss is using a little reverse psychology of her own in that scene in the ex-VP’s bedroom. She totally ships them, doesn’t she. I’d love to read about their second date!
5/18/2016 c1 647Lamia of the Dark
I don't really remember who Johanna was or how she acted in canon (I only read the books once, years ago), so I don't know how crackified her personality is here and how much is just her being herself... although I guess characterization kind of gets thrown out the window with crackfics anyway.

Gale wanting to date Ms. Axe Murderer is pretty hilarious as a concept, and for most of the fic she seems more likely to kill him than actually want to go out with him. XD

I think the funniest part was when they just ordered literally ALL the meat for dinner.
5/15/2016 c1 1Katniss-Odair-the-Mockingjay
I like this a lot! I've always been a Johanna/Gale shipper so I'm glad to have found a piece that has literally made me laugh A TON! xD I don't know why this has so few follows/reviews, but I'm changing it now by giving you your first review! (I think... O_O) But I really do love this - Jo's so feisty; I love it! :D 3

~Elsie {Katniss}

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