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for One Hundred Kisses

5/10/2023 c100 scout424
I’m blown away, this chapter is the perfect ending to the story, it took me about a week to get through this every chapters been just as amazing as the chapter before it, if anyone is reading this review. I highly recommend this fun story.
4/19/2023 c1 CurlyQ2242
Adore this! ️
1/17/2023 c46 2HudsonHornet51
Actually, that Captain became an Admiral in that movie. Also, calling it right now, somebody's a Trekkian
1/16/2023 c21 HudsonHornet51
I would have never pegged Nick for a fan of Tolkien, but it's very much appreciated. LOVE IT!
1/12/2023 c100 Sisson
It took me about a week to read it. Because I am a foreigner (although learning English) so can only read after the translation, but just improve my English reading ability. It's really good!
1/6/2023 c52 Squiggles of Squiggle Town
Hopping mad! That’s a reference to Piemation’s YT video right? That was hilarious.
1/5/2023 c48 Squiggles of Squiggle Town
Still reading your series in 2023!
9/11/2022 c100 DeadRock1
Cimar, I don't know if you're still even active here, but I just spent the last few weeks reading this story, and I loved it. Since Disney still doesn't seem to be doing an official sequel (I'm aware of Zootopia, but it seems focused on other characters besides Nick and Judy), I've started looking to other fans for something to enjoy. You guys and gals are awesome.

Also, I'll be sending you a PM soon. I can't yet since I just created so I could post this.
8/21/2022 c7 fyrerain5
It was a ok story it felt was more like a one-shot even tho it has 100 pages and in my oppinion the pages were to short but still like the idea of it and the plot of it
4/20/2022 c1 bleh
kinda ooc
9/26/2021 c80 Guest
I feel bad from the repair crew when bogo broke the radios and window of the patrol cars
9/25/2021 c100 1uselessname
Thanks for the story ! It was m'y first fanfictions on zootopia, and Il laughed a lot !
It has brigthened my days
8/24/2021 c3 Guest
as a chinese person i feel personally victimised by this chapter
7/1/2021 c82 ethanv93534
I’m at the end of chapter 82, great writing btw. I feel like I should be surprised about Jessica but I’m not lmao
6/9/2021 c100 1MapleHoneySyrup
This made me laugh, made me cry (seriously, I can’t listen to How to Save a Life without thinking about chapter 79). One of my favorite fanfictions. I really love how this ended up being a 100 chapter fanfic. You are such a talented author and such a great person for gathering so many people for this amazing collaboration!
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