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for One Hundred Kisses

1/3/2021 c86 leoarietis
Well, fist off I enjoyed this story. Some chapters are better than others.

Not to piss on your parade but...
This chapter and the next one are of considerably lower quality than any other chapter in this story, it should have been edited out. The vast amount of characters don't really move the plot in any direction and is it really okay for a Bogo to toss out an uninvited guest like that, while Vladzotz stay untouched? Not cool and a fallacy of out of character actions from entire ZPD. (Seems Vlad has that influence, ZPD completely derailing?)

This actually touch on a subject I think I noticed in your very good story "Always My Sly Bunny, Always My Dumb Fox". That is to bring in a few to many of cameo characters or events into a story, but they do not really add to the story. Merely distracts and shifts focus onto something that should be edited out.

Rest of the chapters are a lot better.

Anyway, rest of this story is good and most co-authors had really good adtions.
1/3/2021 c97 leoarietis
Nice chapter and I always liked the idea of bunnies eating the bouquets, tulip-buds and rose-buds.

As a whole this story has been very enjoyable. Many of your co-authors have brought in some really nice ideas and themes as well as good story telling.
12/20/2020 c100 greg
so sad its over
12/8/2020 c88 Lexisings
omg... this was so good, I have no words, I'm literally crying...
12/8/2020 c87 Lexisings
this actuallly made me laugh so hard, when Finnick caught the wig , got me dying. and this is such a sweet story ! and I recognize some of the characters from other stories I've read like Max midnight!
12/7/2020 c85 Lexisings
ok this was so creative, I really liked how you added other authors characters, such a great detail. you're so creative! ah!
12/7/2020 c80 Lexisings
omg omg I think I actually cried!
12/7/2020 c79 Lexisings
I totally didn't cry...Lexi
12/7/2020 c79 Lexisings
12/7/2020 c78 Lexisings
poor Nick omg, his nose!
12/7/2020 c78 Lexisings
omg no! poor Nick!
12/7/2020 c76 Lexisings
this chapter made me laugh so much! how he accidentally attached the sheep and how you put smelly clothes, it really made me laugh out loud. it was one of the best chapters I've read! thank you so much!Lexi
12/1/2020 c28 Guest
This is so far so good. Love it so much.
10/1/2020 c31 65Fanreader26
loved the song reference
8/30/2020 c54 trebor1982
Talk about dropping oneself in deep do do
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