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for One Hundred Kisses

8/30/2020 c52 trebor1982
The part here where they are in Judy's apartment; the reaction from the neighbours was so incredibly funny.
I laughed until it hurt
8/17/2020 c95 ikillturtlescuzfuni
Nah mate pure gold suits them better
8/14/2020 c100 Ingonyama
Take the love of your loved ones you'll need it about this time to keep from falling like a star when you make that dizzy climb for this is the night and the heaves are right on this lovely Bella Notte
8/13/2020 c92 Ingonyama
You ahole you confused the hell out of me I though the Epilogue was their honeymoon
8/13/2020 c92 Ingonyama
Big Bugga Burger that's that Hawaiian burger joint
8/13/2020 c88 Ingonyama
Why do you have a epilogue before the ending stop confusing me
8/13/2020 c88 Ingonyama
The hell did the have kids it states the kids are after the honeymoon so how in hell do they have kids
8/13/2020 c87 Ingonyama
A Hopps, Skip and a Fox" 101 Dals?
8/12/2020 c87 Ingonyama
Nice reference to Fox and The Hound and Robbin Hood
8/12/2020 c76 springy6z
french ahah les français sont les best ahaha
8/12/2020 c73 springy6z
sorry but in french zizi is like peepee
6/22/2020 c55 Steveo
Bro star trunk is the zootopia version of Star Trek not Star Wars
6/15/2020 c100 A. Alt
I absolutely love this story. It is by far the best fanfic I have ever read, but there is one MAJOR plot hole created by this beautiful finale. If Judy organized the bet, then why does Judy spend so much time during this story wondering what Nick’s true intentions are for the bet. She also spends a lot of time In the beginning trying to figure out what these feelings she is having for Nick are. It isn’t until the tire swing scene (Beautifully written scene) that Judy realizes she has fallen for Nick. It’s not like she was faking it, because most of these things were thoughts inside of her head. Also how would Nick have a full fledged plan the day the bet was made when he didn’t know it was being made beforepaw. It only makes sense that Nick would have formulated the plan to get engaged with Judy, not Judy trying to get Nick to realize his feelings for Judy, though he already had them. This plot hole really messes up a lot of the story elements, though it doesn’t make it any less enjoyable. Anyways, I just wanted to get my two cents in, great story and I love how you remained faithful to how the original characters would act. So as Finnick would say, ciao.
6/15/2020 c55 Guest
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6/15/2020 c1 ikillturtlescuzfuni
a reference to Judy is dead. one of the saddest zootopia comics I have ever read
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