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9/8 c11 elder441
I enjoyed this so much. Thank you !
9/5 c11 BlerBlerBler
Lovely ending!
thanks for sharing your story with us!
9/2 c10 BlerBlerBler
Yes! Francis to the rescue! Great pre-war speech!
I’m so glad Mary’s safe... can’t wait for their reunion
9/2 c10 elder441
Loving this story, thank you for completing it before your term begins.
8/22 c9 elder441
I am happy to her that the doctor is working with the right people and giving Mary much needed hope.
7/16 c8 elder441
Yes, really enjoying it, but please let Mary safely have this child.
6/9 c7 BlerBlerBler
I’m so happy for Mary and Francis (Francis’ reaction was funny).. I just hope Knox’s plan doesn’t go through, I’m imagining a royal kidnapping and I don’t like it
4/17 c6 Ashnichaa
I just wanted to review to say that I hope you keep writing this. After just having finished my second rewatch of the series, I feel bereft without the characters and I want to see the story go forward but a little differently than the series (and history) portrayed. Also, please let Greer have a happy ending. Maybe bring James to French court? Can't wait for the next chapter!
4/13 c6 johncahill
This has been so good! Awesome job so far.
4/5 c6 BlerBlerBler
I’m sorry for Francis and Mary, they are really in pain
4/4 c6 elder441
Yes, still enjoying the story and hope you are safe as well
2/14 c5 elder441
I am loving this, I do hope Francis demands a quick marriage and Mary isn't too hard on herself now.
2/1 c4 elder441
Welcome back ! I really am enjoying this, but please let Francis and Mary have a child of their own. It is bad enough Lola had Francis' son, now Kenna, Claude, it is heartless to have everyone around her to have kids and not her. I think Kenna should name the baby Diane after Bash's Mom, that would drive Catherine crazy.
2/1 c4 BlerBlerBler
Welcome back! More Frary in the next one please!
7/17/2018 c3 Guest
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