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for Intoxicating smell

1/13/2021 c1 Guest
Wow it's so perfect no 1000/100000000 for me UwU
7/15/2019 c1 Guest
"Positive criticism is welcome but if you don't like it keep your thoughts to yourself" ?. So you're fishing for compliments but are afraid of any actual criticism? Sounds pretty damn immature and chlidish, traits that your work reflected continuously. There were a numver of grammatical mistakes that further detracted from the already poorly conceived scene. The entire thing was supposedly about the smell between Lucy's legs, yet there wasnt a single description of what that scent actually smelled like. Was it sweet, tart, musky, etc? Perhaps use a comparison to describe it. Overall it had a nice idea but the quality of the writing could use great deal of improvement.
9/2/2017 c1 3schmad20
Your writing style is very good! You describe things with with good detail! You also have good grammar. Your story was fun and easy to read! I thought it was so cute how Natsu was kinda rambling and was nervous (I'm a BIG fan of Fluff to be honest! :) ) I can't help but imagine Natsu and Lucy when they're older and have a kid and their kid asks them "How did you guys confess?" or something like that and then Natsu and Lucy look at each other and Lucy's like 'Don't say anything!' All in all, Good job!
8/29/2017 c1 Nalu Nalu Nalu
So cute
1/6/2017 c1
this story was so beautiful. it was iffy at first and I was kind of this one of the T rated stories that is supposed to be M rated? But continued and it was so fluffy and sweet. my point love this story...SO CUTE! *fangirling so hard rn...*
11/11/2016 c1 donttalktomeimoutofhereimsoemb
7/12/2016 c1 5Checkmate-13
This was pretty funny xD
6/16/2016 c1 Guest
Nasty and Ezra for life
5/17/2016 c1 Guest
When is next chapeter
5/16/2016 c1 F.S.M
I like this one, it's sweet.)
5/18/2016 c1 HimePurpleHawk
Love this story I could totally see this happening. Keep up the good work, can't wait for more chapters
5/15/2016 c1 Guest
like the story can't wait to read more of it
5/17/2016 c1 robinmark2000
It's a good story, nice plot etc. If you won't write smut than don't forget to rate it T and put one-shot in the summary. Also, it's always useful to let a few people who don't mind reading it to read it. So that if you have any grammar mistakes, they will spot it and correct you. This makes your story look more professional. I hope i helped you with that

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