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5/21 c20 10Just a Crazy-Man
Love .
8/30/2019 c20 GuestMexishark
Yay youre back! Stoked to see this keep going. Although I am still excited to see how the two cultures will meet. How will they react to Babylon 4 the alliance the minbari how will they react to the empires industrial might, gravity on ships without spinning lol Keep it up!
8/29/2019 c20 Lord Demolitions
Well, yeah, Thrawn did have it coming. But somehow I feel like Leia and Han are...still underestimating how dangerous Thrawn could be.

Kind of like they try to outsmart him on the negotiating table or trying to have someone like Ackbar lead instead of Thrawn. We all know even Thrawn’s better than Ackbar in the battlefield.
8/28/2019 c20 Grimraven.V
Nice to see you back at this story
4/14/2019 c19 Speedbird on a SHIELD
Honestly such a good story. I've been reading the series for the last couple of days and it is really really good. I like your style of writing and especially the manner in which you portray Thrawn. Amazing work. I sincerely hope you continue this, it has a lot of potential :)
2/1/2019 c19 1Astragon
God damn this story is so good! I honestly didn’t think that people were still writing fics pertaining to B5, let alone B5-SW crossovers. But then I saw the update date of Nov 2018 and was like “holy shit this story is still being written”.

I love how accurately you portrayed Thrawn in this. And having the Shadows as the invading force is quite interesting. Also the subtle references to Thirdspace are quite nice, I’d almost like to see how a Star Wars vs Thirdspace battle would play out. And then timeline-wise the Yuuzhan Vong have yet to show up. I can imagine in future chapters of the whole galaxy going to hell with potentially all three (Vong, Thirdspace, & Shadows) running amok in their own sectors of space, with the Galactic Alliance being caught in the middle.

Please keep writing this! I’m in my last semester of undergraduate college and know just how much real life can get in the way, so if you’re still writing this, don’t push yourself too hard.

I think everyone who’s left reviews here is looking forward to this amazing work of art continuing.

11/26/2018 c19 TheDeltaPlayer
I have been waiting a long time for this moment
(quoting someone)

Your story is by long one of a kind, based on a game i would have never thought possible to be inspiration material for a fanfiction... and with one hell of a plot, if I may say as much.

I am impatient to see how things will go on from here, the eventual "return from the dead" of Lisetha and how emotional will our good ol' Thrawn be when they reunite as a complete family... but I am also waiting to see how Thelea will behave when she will have to contact the Capital ship to get to her father, but not without getting through the ship's captain first...

keep up the good work, I have an ever growing hunger for more of this fic's chapters :D
11/26/2018 c19 Shebali
Ooooh, good to hear from you! Thank you for the chapter, please take care of yourself!
9/13/2018 c18 Malinda
Noooooooooooooooooo! I love your writing, as always. Every chapter is a joy!
5/28/2018 c18 G. A. Sean
Well, darn... And here I was looking forward to a good, long-running Aleishia/Mara snark-off!
4/4/2018 c18 jc
excellent work
4/3/2018 c18 kalani.gapido
WOOOO AND THE PARTY CONTINUES! Been waiting for this to update
1/13/2018 c17 JOHN0713
Very good can't wait for your next installment.
12/3/2017 c17 Guest
Omg, can't wait for update, thank you for more than awesome story! :) I hope they all survive upcoming battle and celebrate victory over Far Outsiders, fingers crossed ;) !
11/29/2017 c17 2Stealthfire101
It's back! I'm so glad! I am so excited for more of your battle scenes, they're always phenomenal! (They also always seem to have a very dramatic loss of some kind. Please not Aleisha. Not now. Not after Ackbar. Not before she gets to meet Luke. Please.) I love seeing Thelea back in combat, she seems very at home there. I'm just praying everybody makes it out alive. And oddly enough, I'm very excited to see Thrawn and Thelea meet Han; that strikes me as a potentially very entertaining passage. I love this story so much, and I can't wait to see what happens next!
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