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28m c11 14Lover of Reid
I'm glad that the party was a success. Wish Marge could have been kicked out for how she acted. I like how Harry apologized to Draco for how he acted towards him when they met. Can't wait for others to see them as "cousins" rather than enemies. I agree with possible idea that Molly has multiple personalities. It would explain a lot. I feel bad for Fay and what she went through, but I think she just found a new family for herself.
14h c7 3Steve-Arkarian
Why did no one run a scan on Albus for compulsions? You know, just to make sure that he didn't tell Arthur about it being Voldemort that possesed Ginny because he really was forgetful because he's old and not because he was forced to.

Also, 700 gallons always seemed like an odd amount to me. It's equal to approximately $4,648 or 3,417.98 pounds. It's just such a weird amount.
15h c6 Steve-Arkarian
Why didn't the wards weaken when Bill took him away for the day, but did win Oliver took him?
15h c10 14Lover of Reid
I like how Harry was able to have lunch with Sirius, Remus, and Narcissa allowing them to get to know each other a little better. Even though Petunia and Vernon weren't nice people they didn't really deserve to be murdered. I likehow Sirius and Severus are going to be civil towards each other. Can't wait to see what happens next.
16h c2 3Steve-Arkarian
Did no one mention that Scabbers was Percy's pet first and had been with the weasley's that whole time pretty much?
22h c2 1Lady GryphonInia
Another good chapter!
22h c1 Lady GryphonInia
Interesting chapter.
1/16 c46 geenakmom
This was absolutely Brilliant! Thank you for sharing your wonderful story!
1/13 c4 guest
ok, that was just fabulous to read. i'm still smiling as i imagine harry having this "conversation" and cannot wait to continue reading.
1/14 c9 14Lover of Reid
I was wondering when or if Draco would learn about the sibling that his mother had lost before he was born. You can see a change in him in how he thinks and acts already. I like the ritual that Sirius and Narcissa performed to make Sirius the new head of house Black. Very interesting ritual. At least Sirius didn't have to wait too long to meet Harry.
1/14 c8 Lover of Reid
Wow. There was a lot of things happening in this chapter. I'm glad that Bill knew how to do CPR and was able to help Harry when his heart stopped. The ritual itself was amazing. I like the idea of Sirius getting to reconnect with Narcissa and help her get away from Lucius. Lucius seems doesn't seem very bright or as knowledgeable about things. I really like how Bill dealt with Petunia and Harry won't be going back there.
1/13 c46 30Bambu
I have only just now been able to devote a day to reading your magnum opus, and it was so worth it. I made my son make dinner! Much to like in this complex and intriguing story; and while I could babble for awhile, I'll try to keep it concise. I like your characterizations and the fact you allowed so many of the characters, primary, secondary and tertiary, develop into something more than a cardboard place holder. I like that you developed some of your red herring storylines and allowed some tangential bits and pieces to enrich the canvas. You did a very good job with the rising tension, and I think this is the first time I've read concurrent resurrections, which was rather fun to read. I imagine it grew a bit unwieldy with so many newly liked characters, but you've managed to wrap it up well. Thanks for a really enjoyable read.
1/12 c7 14Lover of Reid
I love Harry's first meeting with Remus. Especially with how the twins reacted. Hermione seems to be working on doing this with Harry that he hasn't experienced yet. He needs to just be a kid and just have fun. With the cliffhanger of Bill being told to go get Harry, I can't wait to see what happens next.
1/12 c6 Lover of Reid
So much happened in this chapter. I am curious to find out who put the compulsion charm on the Weasley children. The idea that the beds on the Knight Bus are for the drunks who ride it is something I never considered before. Having the beds on the bus at all times makes more sense then to change them to chairs that don't even remain in place when the bus moves. I like how Holgrind thinks that Dobby is strange and then suggests Harry to become his new master. Wish that could have happened in the book. I like how the girls got Oliver to take Harry to get him new clothes, and Harry knew it wasn't a good idea to argue with them. Can't see what happens next.
1/11 c23 MarvelGirl2005
I love this version of Percy
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