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for A Fallen Gem

3/27 c9 krahe99
Damn, I completely forgot about this fic. It's really nice to see it back
6/10/2019 c2 Guest
A single human destroys the whole underground, *jasper* "but... but there extremely weak creatures?!
12/21/2018 c6 50Fanfic girl of all worlds
Chara voice when she wants chocolate: GIVE ME MORE!
6/5/2018 c6 BugCatcherBob
Hey this is cool! Its a really unique take and I love it! Id like to see more with Papyrus though, he is very underrated! Like he and Undyne actually trained before she started cooking lessons (because despite pap being "really strong" he doesnt really want to hurt anyone. But his fake-it-till-you-make-it confidance might be good for I-hate-myself-and-take-it-out-on-others Jasper while his personal view (that anyone can be change their ways and be forgiven if they decide to try) is a lesson Jasper (who feels she can't forgive "Rose Quartz") could use in this AU especially given whats gone on in canon!
2/1/2017 c6 Valgreen007
I like it keep it up
1/15/2017 c6 Topaz
This story is great! The characters are in character, the plot is very interesting, and it's very well-written. I hope you enjoy writing this as much as everyone else loves reading it.

Also, I have a question: Since Jasper fought in the war and most likely shattered many gems, does that make her have a lot of LV?
10/22/2016 c6 Particle Man
Jasper and Azzy are so cute! v
9/17/2016 c6 Guest
Few people do what I'm about to suggest, but could you induction your heart to include a serious Sans scene before the story ends?
9/14/2016 c6 Server lock
Thanks for giving us another chapter, I'd do a long review after such a lbig absence, but fck am I tired, and college has been beating me with a stick. Charachters were well done not ooc from what I know of them, and the development on Jaspers side was not something I've seen done before for her character. Though questions on where this is all leading do come to mind.
8/18/2016 c5 15DragShot
Finally a fic that takes the whole Jaspertale thing a little bit more serious.

Now, all I need is another one with her taking the genocide route. That would feel a little bit more in-character, but I like the Jasper of this fic too.

I'm following this.
8/17/2016 c5 Server lock
Well I'll try to enjoy your story to the very end then. :/
8/17/2016 c3 Server lock
This chapter wasn't bad at all you pessimist. That said only about 8 chapters huh ;_;
8/17/2016 c2 Server lock
I don't know how accurate your portrayal of Jasper was, but I felt like Undyne was a little bit off in her demeanor. Undyne likes to show off, or act all knight like because she finds it cool, and is a bit aggressive. I felt like we didn't get a glimpse at that personality for her introduction. Hopefully it will be somewhat remedied. otherwise it was a great chapter.
8/16/2016 c5 3FanficLovingPerson
8/10/2016 c3 14ShinySheepGhost001
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