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10/17/2019 c7 7fanclaire
J'adore votre histoire ! Merci !
Tellement soulagé qu'elle l'ait dit à ses frères !
Ils vont le tuer ! et je suis sûr qu'Adam ne les grondera pas !
Hâte de lire la suite!
3/30/2017 c30 Guest
Are you going to start another story soon?
2/9/2017 c30 Shannon7B7B
Nice ending! She will never have to worry about that guy again!
2/6/2017 c30 Guest
I really enjoyed it. Thank you. BB
2/6/2017 c30 brankel1
Amazing job. Glad they caught the guy.
2/6/2017 c29 brankel1
Totally love it. Glad they were found.
2/5/2017 c30 2buggleston
You've wrapped up this story extremely well, I felt that Jim was behind the accident . Even though the kids have to stay overnight in the hospital .The family relieved to end this situation for Haley,now everything can get back to normal. This has been a fantastic story to follow .Can't wait to see what Haley will be up to in the next stories .I hope to see some soon.
2/5/2017 c29 buggleston
This is so good but please don't keep us in suspense. Glad they were found and that Evan wasn't hurt badly.
1/31/2017 c28 brankel1
Amazing. Hope someone finds them.
1/27/2017 c28 buggleston
Fantastic chapter again! Looks like our younger McFaddens will need help fast What a cliffhanger but please don't keep us waiting to long .
1/27/2017 c28 Shannon7B7B
Great chapter! Okay, so the suspense on this one is really going to get everyone going! Three McFadden's in trouble! Killer cliffhanger! I am going to be squirming until you post the next chapter so have pity and don't wait too long. Ha Ha. Thanks so much for writing!
1/23/2017 c27 Shannon7B7B
Oh! You are going to leave us hanging! Ha Ha! I can't wait to read the next chapter. You always keep things interesting. Thanks for writing!
1/21/2017 c27 Guest
How would Haley know what's going in such detail on when she's not there?
1/23/2017 c27 brankel1
Amazing job. Hope they find them.
1/21/2017 c27 Guest
Thanks for posting more. Enjoying the story. BB
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