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3/24/2021 c1 Tony Moonstone
That was a fun one-shot.
I always wondered where Nick lived while he hustled his life away.
Thanks for giving us readers a peek into what it could be like.
Take care and be safe!
1/29/2021 c1 Guest
jaja por pasarce lo sacudieron
8/10/2019 c1 Guest
jajaa eso le pasa por ponerse coqueto
12/10/2018 c1 jtdarkman
Lol funny bunny
5/4/2018 c1 Guest
ajaja le dieron por coqueto jaja
1/29/2017 c1 alinru95
Does this story have a sequel?
8/24/2016 c1 4Major Wolf
Nicely done! I like how well you set them up for each other. Now, unto the sequel for this. But thanks again for this one.
8/6/2016 c1 mamallean
This was a pretty emotional Fic, that's for certain, I adore that kind of Nick to no end./ Always pushing everyone away, keeping them away from him and making sure no see's how much he is hurting, but always being so careful around Judy./ The constant fear of losing her or angering her to a point that he can never be around her again is terrible and it paralyses him with fear./ I fully believe, that if he ever hurts her, he would never be able to forgive himself, even if Judy were to forgive him. This Nick especially so./ And how you were able to bring out a fantastic Judy, her worry for him and wanting nothing more, then to protect the good he still has within him, is so strong and pure. Along with how easily emotional she gets, when it's about him, and how quick she is to offer up words of encouragement and support./ Granted, I don't really know how to feel about Judy slapping him when he just wanted to sleep within her bed with her. It feels like they finally accepted each other, just for her to push him away and draw a wall between them. Unless of course, his words held a more intimate meaning to them, then OK. He would have been REALLY jumping the gun, and I hold quite a lot of respect for her, to show him that he needs to slow down. And take it one step at a time.
7/24/2016 c1 jamdea
I know that you seem to like these as separate stories. but this is good and could be a start of some
thing on it's own. Please continue.
6/19/2016 c1 tin-a-holic
Super cute!
5/24/2016 c1 SoulMore
5/23/2016 c1 3DragoonSensei
A sad start and a hilarius and fluffy ending.
5/19/2016 c1 Lola
That was sooo cute! So many feels! Hahaha but that ending was hilarious! :)
5/19/2016 c1 Pyrophoricity
ahah! nice, thanks for the story and see you next chap
5/18/2016 c1 ChaoticImp
I liked it, very well done. Would be VERY interested to see a continuation of this story though ;P
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