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for Percy Jackson The Dark Gamer

6/28 c18 legion255
"what does the scanner see, does it see me clearly or Dark-cly? i hope it sees darkly or i might be made of glasskeanu reeves from the timeline harambe lived
6/27 c15 legion255
wooooot! got a betareader now! been loving the story
1/22 c4 cod4envy
So it’s not even on earth? Maybe put that in the summary cause I don’t wanna read that bullshit
1/8 c5 Torhelm
Yeah, I really tried giving this story a chance, but its just terrible. First off, the MC is not Percy Jackson, he's an OC with his name in a world that has nothing to do with the Olympians. First 5 chapters in, you kill all his family and have him sold off as a slave. You have him all trained in swordplay and make it look like a big deal, but theres no satisfying use of it, he just gets shit on and saved by the AI system for literally no other reason than because it somehow likes him because he said a few nice words to it? Like that hasn't been tried before by the billions of lifeforms in this new world?

The most aggravating part of the story is probably the nonchalance and flippant attitude the MC has after these events happen to him. Mother got killed? Got over it in like 2 seconds and was joking about in the next scene. Sold into slavery by the people who killed his family? Whatever, onto the fighting pits.
1/8 c4 Torhelm
What? It takes 5 minutes to interchange between sword styles? that literally makes no sense, if he has the knowledge in his mind already it shouldn't take him 5 fucking mintues to change the way he swings a sword in the middle of a fight. This whole AI system thing has dumb ass rules that pop up out of nowhere that make no sense.
1/7 c5 the raging chicken
i dislike gaia
12/15/2023 c20 darkdraco0021
Also I'm not trying to offend you with my questions. If I did sorry. I asked on another story and got blasted as a "bigoted pos" in the next chapter instead of a pm
12/15/2023 c19 darkdraco0021
Well. I was enjoying it until the bi/gae comment from Gaia at the end. Is this not a harem (guy x girls) ? Or is it actually a multi/orgy pairing ( guy x girls x girls ) ? If it's the second one how heavily is it focused on ? Can I skip those scenes and not miss key parts of the plot ? Because other than that the story is great.
12/1/2023 c11 lukeanimelover
Hold up. Dont yoy have to be a virgin to be a healer? Also are we gonna see that prostitute anytime soon?
11/30/2023 c8 lukeanimelover
Is miss night artemis? Or Zoe? Shes got to be someone from earth right..?
11/30/2023 c8 lukeanimelover
Are they doing all that on the street or did they go back to there dorm..? Please tell me they didnt reform a contract in the middle of a public road and then proceed to make out.
11/21/2023 c22 biob1
It's all so cliche but I am finding that it is better to not come in with expectations
11/21/2023 c19 biob1
Him losing an arm is just overkill. Why doesn't he just lose his legs too. I don understand the obsession with making an underdog. He was already nerfed when the story began and is still incredibly nerfed. He already understood his place in the world he knew he was weak already this just slows everything down more.
11/21/2023 c13 biob1
Can't let him have a bad ass moment right? I am honestly getting kind of tired of it.
11/20/2023 c7 biob1
An op hero can be very fun if done correctly and with imagination. It also keeps them from being so weak you have to use ass pulls just to keep them alive so consistency as well.
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