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6/26/2018 c8 Grimraven.V
Can you keep this story up for we can go back to read it if we want to plz
3/13/2018 c1 Weeb The Sheep
Uh, hello. This is, uh, kinda awkward. First, let me start by saying, this is Weeb That's A Sheep. I couldn't fit my full screen name in the Name section, because of character limits.

But, most importantly, I wanted to come here, humble myself and apologize for the trolling. It was immature, and uncalled for.

I know it isn't an excuse, but the reason behind my trolling is, well, plain and simple, to make myself feel better. I'm not exactly considered cool at my school, I get picked on often, and so I take it out by trying to make others feel bad online, where I won't get swirlied. Or, I should say, I took it out, because all those days of trolling are behind me. I went to therapy, we made some breakthroughs, and I'm trying to turn my life around.

All I ask... no, I beg, is for your forgiveness. I know I was pathetic, but, please, help me be a better person.
4/26/2017 c3 Mawande
I have only read three of your chapters, intriguing stuff, hope you take it further than twenty chapters which seems to be this sites mile stone. Should you need help or get stuck, just say the word.
4/25/2017 c7 17Weeb that's a Sheep
Alright, now I'm seeing some chinks in the armor, after my rose-colored glasses finally dimmed down to a normal color rather than jade.

First, the dialogue is getting more and more...Awkward, let me put it a more lighter way of saying that your dialogue is not up to par, basically, your dialogue is unnatural and unflowing, it doesn't feel like real people in the show wouldn't talk like this or say phrases like what you write, and you can't really blame on your character for its an excuse then, so yeah, work on the dialogue, maybe watch the show or some other anime to figure out the dialogue issue.

Another problem I noticed is some creative ideas being randomly just added in with really no reason, like the introduction for Lyna for instance, tell me, why is she even important and what does she bring to the table?

I literally do not care for her since you gave me no reason to, to me she's what she really is, a card with no personality, another is the full deck of duel spirits, it doesn't make Soren interesting or engaging, its just adding more filler to more filler and adding more characters and forcing you to a corner since now you have a deck full of original characters that you have to write for.

What I'm saying is, keep it simple, and revise it, remember the phrase 'Less is more' its the reason why the small details and the little things are the greatest treasure for its charming and small, not big and grandiose, sure this chapter is quite small in length but you're adding a ton of new and random elements and because of it, it becomes cluttered and unfocused, muddled and confused.
2/25/2017 c2 Weeb that's a Sheep
Hmmm, I like the duel between Soren and Jaden, although you're shooting your wad a little to fast you know? You want to make your Masked Heroes the best thing sliced bread, but eh, thats just my opinion :P

This is also the first fanfiction I read, where an OC duels the Protagonist...And not win, but instead, it was a close duel that really got me on the edge of my seat! This is how you write a duel and I applaud you for that. It shows that your OC is strong in a believable manner.

You didn't wipe the floor with him, you didn't wrote Soren like sort of smug d-bag, he's still humble through and throughout.

You're actually building him up to be a good duelist...Not just a good duelist period. (although the part where the Admin stated that he was DA's top student irked me, but the duel you had with Jaden shows that he isn't invincible)

One problem though, was the random moment with the Obelisk Blue jacket thing, from the anime, you had to had dueling school experience to get in, at most, he would be Ra-Yellow, but again, we don't know a lot Soren's backstory, so perhaps it only gives hints :P

Anyway See you next chapter.
2/25/2017 c1 Weeb that's a Sheep
Hmmm...I like it! But, I have nitpicks and remarks

First, while Soren is actually a decent character in terms of personality from what I just read, I do however think his character design...While unique in terms of the world of Yu-gi-oh, its a little off-putting for readers.

Its like a double-edged sword, to the characters of GX he's unique, but to us readers? Generic and a sign of a Marty-sue.

Thankfully...He's a decent character, he's sort of like Jaden in regards, he didn't came from a broken household (from what I'm reading of the first chapter of this anyway) he isn't crazy or anything, hes normal, which is always a plus for it shows to me that you can write good characters.

Masked Hero Deck? you didn't spam the common meta ones like Dark Law or Acid and Anki, so I commend you for that, shows to me that you can be creative.

One issue I have is the duel structure, its a little bit...Cluttered, but hey its a nitpick, and some people (like myself) appreciate that you're keeping number of cards in your hands recorded.

So with minor problems here and there, I say that this is a great first chapter :D, good enough for me to read more and review it :3
1/6/2017 c6 AeronSky
Next time think of an more original name for your main character instead of naming him after your author name
8/27/2016 c5 Guest
Good fic
8/24/2016 c5 Sugouxxx
It's good story, hope it's not gonna dead
6/21/2016 c4 3Raidentensho
nice. not bad with the 'Mask HERO's' but i'm hoping for Nature version fusions to show like 'Terra Frima' or 'Heat' and 'Lady Heat' s fusion. looking forward to it and more. until then, ja ne!
5/29/2016 c2 4wing slash 1
i like the start of this, just showing how he duels and how he interacts with jaden. Would love to see more of this, when is next update?
5/28/2016 c1 warzonecall
Neat start, this is going somewhere :)
5/21/2016 c1 star445
Nice start man, you had me at Masked Heroes.
5/20/2016 c1 Martyn
This is off on a good start. Nice work! :) How about the next chapter reveals Soren's a gluttonous orphan?
5/20/2016 c1 DreygunSouls
Pretty good story man.

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