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for When Fate Intervened

2/19 c8 steve
dumbldedore aka creepy old stalker
2/19 c2 steve
well harry has to have magic or else the portkey would never have worked.
2/19 c5 Guest
Now that fate has made his core like ten times bigger, it would be great if, in this story, if Harry is still made to fight Voldemort, that the power he knows not (hella big core) could have him beat down voldy with minimal effort. Hope it's not still a struggle, cause that would be unbelievable even with a suspension of disbelief
2/19 c27 Mikeblade
thanks for writing
2/19 c25 Mikeblade
20 to 100 death eaters to attack the bank that's suicide hell even with 1000 death eaters it would be stupid to attack the bank they way goblins breed there is millions of the bastards down there
2/19 c16 Mikeblade
yeah sure they can't kill voldy but the order can sure as hell take out death eaters it's called thinning the ranks the less death eaters there are the more of a chance they will have later and harry focus on just killing voldy
1/22 c11 odan
muggle bone, low power wizard flesh and blood. ritual probably didn't power him as much as it could.

shame about victor.
12/17/2023 c36 Guest
A lot of those deaths were entirely avoidable lmao. Still a good story, feels rushed a times though. Didn’t really like how Harry was more content at playing house rather than actually fixing his shit.
12/8/2023 c36 3chuffed4angst
Great story! Thanks for a truly entertaining read!
12/6/2023 c1 SimplyAdventures
12/4/2023 c36 Jakulo
Most realistic war ive seen so far in this platform
11/28/2023 c15 Son of Kronos
Hubris is a bitch isn't Tommy boy?
11/28/2023 c13 Son of Kronos
...Purebloods are dumbasses!
11/28/2023 c11 Son of Kronos
Well done, Albus. You fucked around and my poor boy Viktor found out!
11/8/2023 c30 10MetallicAngel30
Winter Orb is my card! Even got it signed rofl
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