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4/11/2017 c7 Don Iguana
Yep, I enjoyed this chapter and will be back for the next chapters.
4/11/2017 c7 20Raygha Raikouga
Good. Glad you're coming back.
1/1/2017 c6 4Flight Nest
ohh more royal knigth is comeing
12/15/2016 c5 Flight Nest
team roal is consisted of omegamon,crusadermon,dukemon,and who again? and if thare is hackmon than thare will be a chance of jesmon to appear rigth?
and for the antagonist ids barbamon,armageddonmon
9/25/2016 c2 Flight Nest
hmm alphamon make a appearance since he is the leader you kniw the mythical 12th member of the royal knigth and armegedonmon ahh that thing whit beat the crap out of omegamon also crimsonmode dukemon
8/16/2016 c5 20Raygha Raikouga
Great chapter. Looks like Ruby its confirmed as Digitamer. Hope to see become 1 too. Keep going.
8/16/2016 c5 Don Iguana
Yeah! Beelzebumon! He's the best choice for the next Demon Lord. I look forward to seeing how he'll affect the story.
8/12/2016 c4 1Sparda5136
I must say this is a pretty unique idea and I'd love to see where it up the good work!
7/10/2016 c4 StarGazer
Wow there is Dukemon/Gallantmon. One of the 3 Royal knight (maybe) plus Omegamon? Did the other 2 would be Magnamon and Omnimon? But there is girl so maybe not. Keep going i want to see more!
7/9/2016 c3 20Raygha Raikouga
I forgot to Follow and favo you. Take This!
7/9/2016 c4 Raygha Raikouga
I just found this fic really interesting. So, Albion is Dukemon/Gallantmon. Thats really great. I know there is not much reviewer but don't worry. Ill stick wit you to the very end.
7/6/2016 c4 4Flight Nest
you know royal knigth member are op as hell dukemon/gallantmon could use his royal saber to end it but i just wish thare armageddonmon would appear as the main villan ofcourse after beating the shit out of kevin the grimmdragon and cinder jeez i just wish some mega lv evil digimon would pop out soon
7/6/2016 c4 MaxHD2490
Lol Mercury Black got humiliated defeat from Dukemon / Gallantmon and he wasn't even serious. Not mention Royal Knight Digimon are completely different level of powerful then normal Mega level digimon.
7/6/2016 c4 brave kid
Well great job on the fic,please keep it up
6/18/2016 c3 4halo is bad ass
I like the USA version better. It kind of make more sense then the Japan version of it.
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