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5/23/2017 c1 2Karateka67
Hey guys! I'll start off with thisthis story is a wonderful service to those of us who truly need the AKF and YANA campaigns. Thank you so much for writing this and showing your love for all of us so that we can touch back on it when we really need it. And to the others who have revieweddepression is real. My family is iffy on it too, because we're Christians who believe in healing through Christ, which is absolutely true. But that definitely doesn't disprove depression. Look at Proverbs some timeit's full of notes to depression. But let me give y'all a little love that I need to feel, myselfyou don't have to be diagnosed to be in pain. But you don't need pills to heal. We can find peace through Christ and healing through love. And that's no band-aid. I love you guys so much. If anyone needs to rant and rave or ask for prayers, PM me at any time. Love you guys so much!
12/8/2016 c1 Guest
I just really want to say a lot after reading this, so here goes :
1) Thank you so much for writing this. I havn't been diagonsed with the depression by a doctor, but I know I'm depressed, if so just genually, and I often feel like this so it really meant a lot.
2) Good choice of title :) You support the campaign, I belive?
3) I don't want to be a grammar natzie, but I would recommend typing a bit slower, because there were a couple mistakes and some lines I had to guess what it meant... Sorry, no hate
4) As I mentioned before I havn't gone to a doctor about my depression satus and that's because ny parents don't "belive in depression" and I can't go to them about it. I have family issus... But can you tell me, can you figure out if you have depression or not WITHOUT going to a doctor? Please?
5) Sorry 'bout the looong review, keep up the good work 3
10/20/2016 c1 1True Ganja Goddess
I had midterms today and COMPLETELY FAILED. I have been stressing so much lately, and it feels like all my hard work is going to waste. This helpsthank you
8/30/2016 c1 3Castiels.babe
OMG I'm crying. I've read this so many times. Anytime I'm starting to have a anxiety attack and feeling like I can't fight, I read this. Thank you so much for this

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