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8/31/2017 c35 17Melissa Waters
Please write a tenth story! I can review from every chapter, until it gets annoying! And even if no one else wants the tenth part, do it for me if to no one else! Pleaseee! I just love these stories and you are the best fanfiction writer I have ever read.
I would love to hear more, and maybe in the tenth book, Seth could use his wish from the fairy Queen to restore Victor, by wishing a superbulb with the memories of Victor.
That would be my idea, but if you don't like it, DON'T use it, because I don't want to spoil your stories with my terrible ideas.
And maybe there could be a part where Seth ( Because I'm pretty much obsessed with him ) would have to use so much angel energy, it stops his heart, but doesn't kill him, only puts him into a coma, where his heart isn't beating. And for example if you being Victor back to life, he would be captured somewhere and wouldn't be alble to help. Then there would be the reactions of Seth's family about his " death".
But then they find Victor, and with his and Hope's help they find a way to get Seth's heart breathing again! And of course some bad guys are involved.
Just an idea! Sorry got a brainstorm :)
- Melissa Waters ( Your biggest Fan )
8/28/2017 c35 Rayah19
Understood. It was a very entertaining story. I'm glad you finished it. 10.5/10... ;) I'll be here if you decide to continue with (an)other story(ies). -XXX Rayah
8/23/2017 c34 CO
Wow! Excellent story!
8/23/2017 c34 Melissa Waters
More! More! More! Please!
I need to know what happens. And please make the 10th part you were planning! I don't care if no one else wants it. If not for anything else, please do it for me! Please!
8/20/2017 c34 Rayah19
Good chapter! I am very thrilled and maybe for future reference could you add a little more SethxIngrid. Please continue writing! I'll always, and continue to, read and reread whether you do or don't write anymore, anyway. I still love all the chapters and stories (previous ones too)...They're awesome!
8/12/2017 c33 Rayah19
Please please please please please please please please please please please please please please PLLLLEEEEEEAAAASSSSSEEEEEE, finish the next chapter soon! Or at least can I have a sneak peek?! The excitement this chapter gave me in so little time is extraordinary... So I ask as politely and as beggingly as I can please finish the next chapter- in the meantime I'm gonna reread the entire story again and again bye for now Xx!
8/10/2017 c32 Rayah19
Hey sorry I couldn't get to your new chapter as quickly as I wanted to mostly because School has started back and it's been a very busy week for me but anyway... I was very entertained at this chapter ,one of your best yet! As I said earlier when you published chapter 30 (I think), I'll still continue reading and giving feedback, may not be as quick as before but I'll be here, like always enjoying your stories. Please continue with them- they're kinda better than the original books!
7/29/2017 c31 Rayah19
Thanks for updating ! Can't wait to see what happens next, SO EXCITED!
7/23/2017 c30 Rayah19
Hi, sorry it took so long. I was reading this Friday night, but then Descendents 2 premiered and Saturday was actually busier than usual so I didn't get a chance to read this until maybe 10 minutes ago. But overall really good chapter, can't wait to see what happens! Even though it's already been written I just can't help thinking about new conclusions and ideas (even though your story's basically perfect)! But still can't wait til next update, but take your time. It's worth the wait. -Xx
7/14/2017 c29 Rayah19
HI! This story is really good. It keeps me entertained and I like how this chapter is kind of like 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend", because Melody actually helps Seth get out of the preserve even though at first she was TeamRonodin and now she helps him, which is Awesome! I can't wait til the next update and I wonder if it was Melody who helped Seth or her sting[super]bulb! And I'll try to read your updates earlier because I don't think I should wait any longer to read such stories as good as yours! But as I said earlier, Can't wait for the next update! Xx
7/7/2017 c28 Rayah19
Thanks for Continuing the story. I can't tell you how much I appreciate this and I'll make sure to review every chapter! By the way, Really Good Chapter!
7/3/2017 c27 Rayah19
This is really good and kinda has some surprising points which I really like.
3/20/2017 c26 Guest
This is really GOOD! Will you be updating soon?
1/2/2017 c25 Towser
Sounds dangerous, but that's no surprise! Ronodin is turning out to be a very interesting character. I hope to see more of his power soon!
12/13/2016 c24 Towser
I'm excited for the battle with Ronodin! Now that they are all safe, things should be getting more intense. Good times don't last for this group.
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