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17h c14 Articx-Frost
Well, He's sane enough to be sarcastic. Everything should be fine then.
3/3 c26 Ju Nohu
This review *probably* contains light spoilers.


Overall, this was an enjoyable story to read, although I found my interest waning by the end and had to force myself to finish it in the final few chapters.

You had a very strong start for your story. Harry's interactions with Dursleys made me emotional at times. I think I liked your Vernon the most despite him being least adressed one. He felt the most real one with his inner conflict against magic and his response to that. It was also nice to see Harry have a nice childhood as that is usually not the case when reading fanficion. I also liked your choice to use letters to tell us characters' thoughts and responses to the events.

I think my biggest problem was the way you approached Dumbledore, Voldemort and to lesser extent, Ron. I knew what I was getting into since you do say in the description that "this is not for Dumbledore fans". And I do not mind bashing per se, if it is done in a way that makes sense. Both Dumbledore and Voldemort are magnificient wizards in their own right, but their decisions do not reflect that. In your story they both act like entitled children with no control over their emotions. In Dumbledore's case, the change from being respected to doubted/hated happened in a span of one year. I can not bring myself to see how a person who had achieved so much would suddenly start making such blatant mistakes, ESPECIALLY if all of their achievements were achieved through manipulation. While Ron wasn't featured much in the story, his 'bashing' toed the line of bullying in my eyes but I guess it was easy to brush aside since it was not a common occurance.

The maturity of the main cast was a little off-putting as well. I am all for a smart and sensible protagonist but it felt too much when there were 5 of them in a single year who suddenly had answers for all of Hogwarts's problems, old and new. They were 11/12 years old. For reference, children of that age are fresh out of primary school (first four years of shooling). In your story before going to Hogwarts Harry was reading a ton of books, doing sports and participating in sports competitions (football), helping aunt with chores, going to school and doing homework to stay at the top of his cass and had time to spend with his friends/family. Based on my personal experience (was a top student in my class and did competetive swimming), I find all that to be a little too much for a person as there are simply not enough hours in a day for that. Reading for example, takes time on its own, but it will take even longer if you are forced to take breaks if you have chores/duties you must attend to. Basically, your Harry felt too well rounded in all areas and threading in the male equivalent of Mary Sue territory. This all lead to an imbalance between 'good guys' and 'bad guys' as the good ones were smart and mature while the bad ones were depicted as irrational and stupid.

I personally liked the fact Goblin way of dealing with Harry' problem was painless for Harry. Too many fics have Harry writhing in pain whenever any kind of ritual happens.

I tried to keep this constructive, don't know if I succeeded. I think my advice to you would be to plan out your characters better. Let readers understand the decisions the bad guys make. Make their motives relatable, or at least understandable as to why they would do what they do.

The story was still good and enjoyable to read for the most part and I did finish it. Good luck in your future writing which I am sure will continue to improve.
2/25 c26 Callum Runchman
Hahaha. I love the ending of this. A truely brilliant story, with fun twists and turns all the way through. Great job
2/14 c3 19Kallanit
A quick FYI, OWL exams are named for the British GCSE exams that children sit at age 16. Back when JKR (and I) sat those exams, they were known as O (Ordinary) Levels. A (Advanced) Levels are sat at age 18, and are indeed "nastily exhausting" and stressful. Naming the Wizarding exams OWLs and NEWTs is indeed a bit ridiculous, but it does also make sense.
2/13 c26 3HP.HG. fan forever
I had favored this fic but do not remember all of it, so I read it again. The ending is certainly different from anything I have read before. I am a Harry Hermione fan but do like a good Daphne or Luna story every now and then.
2/13 c26 RonRR
An exceptional story !

(It really does need a good proof reading to tidy up a bunch of small spelling mistakes and extra words)

Thank you for writing,

2/3 c23 loleo
1/23 c26 Katherine Rosalie Hale
Oh what a wonderful gift this story has been to me! Thank you so very much for saving my sanity in quarantine! I highly enjoyed the interaction with the Professors and Goblins. The inclusion of Draco in the group was amazing.
1/23 c26 love4HP
Nice story. Enjoyed it. Well written too.
1/22 c23 love4HP
Well it's Chapter 23 and it's nothing but pain, deaths and petrifications..not to forget Harry is still not trained, nor ready how the hell is he going to kill Voldemort seeing there are only 26 chapters. Nothing good or substantial to look forward to till now.
1/14 c26 jaqmaq77
liked it - it's now one of my favourites and I will be reading it again...
1/13 c1 1Vactille
Oh come On a ciffy in the first chapter. mate you aleardy had me hooked no need for the cliff hanger
1/4 c20 knightessjg
Trying to win over the basilisk is a futile endeavor Tommy-boy
12/24/2020 c26 Purplepachyderm
Hi, I enjoyed your story and I think you write well. I loved petunias character and the cascading effect her love had on Harry’s interactions with others. Thank you for writing
12/23/2020 c26 neweldi
Thanks, I love it
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