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3/8/2023 c19 kuehlm1969
Very cool & well written story, thx MK
3/6/2023 c6 kuehlm1969
I always thought that Castle & Maddie would have made a cool couple but of course that could never happen. You can't have him go against the partner/friend code! Mk
3/6/2023 c1 kuehlm1969
I'm liking this story but am really hoping we don't have to endure Knockout. That was such a dumb plot. Hiring a hitman to shoot a cop that's delivering the eulogy for a cop that he just had killed in front of 200 or so cops is generally not a great way to quiet down the 1st killing. Just saying
9/4/2022 c19 1Senex56
The story as a whole is excellent (including after a second reading), especially how it is structured so that Castle's and Beckett's paths cross naturally during the time he is working... elsewhere.

But the argument between Beckett and Castle in chapter 1 simply doesn't work. Castle complains that two weeks after staying at his home, Beckett started a relationship with Demming. There is no way Beckett would not respond by pointing out that two weeks after she stayed with him, he was with Ellie Monroe, in a relationship that he indicated he wanted to continue, that he told her he had no problem with Demming asking her out, that he instead dated Madison Queller and told Beckett (in the exchange at the end of 2x22) that he wasn't going to see Madison again because she turned him down. (The whole point being that, although he always wanted Beckett physically, he's at least as much in denial as she is about an actual relationship.) Beckett would then probably also point out that he didn't break things off with Gina when he found out Beckett was single. So she would argue that Castle also made his choice *three times* - Ellie, Madison, and Gina.

I think the whole fic would work much better if this argument were replaced with one based around how things *should have changed* between them by this point in season 3. Perhaps something based on: "We kiss, and then we never talk about it. We nearly die, frozen in each other's arms, but we never talk about it."

That said, it is a fairly small flaw in an otherwise excellent fic.

[BTW, I accidentally pasted a review for another fic as a review for chapter 1 of this fic. I have already flagged it. Apologies.]
9/4/2022 c1 Senex56
Wow. Is Castle suffering from amnesia?

"I've had a couple of one-time dates in the past few years, but that's it". He was with Gina for eight months.

"at the very moment I am thinking that I have a chance, that she is feeling something for me also - boom - she's with Demming". Castle was still in a relationship with Ellie Monroe just a few days before Beckett met Demming.

"just when I allow myself to think 'hey maybe I have a chance here' - boom - she's with Josh". Castle was *with* Gina when Beckett started dating Josh.

"we - open out home and our hearts to her. What happens? She chooses a relationship not with me, but with Demming". Again, after Beckett stayed with them, Castle chose to pursue a relationship with Ellie Monroe, and only broke it off when he found out she was just trying to get cast in *Heat Wave*. And told Beckett he had no problem with Demming asking her out. And dated Madison Queller instead.
5/19/2022 c13 Vishw
You're a very good writer, except when it comes to these 'relationship talks'. They're usually the weakest parts of your stories. Except maybe "With Intent", which I really liked. A couple of things from the 'talk' here that bothered me. Beckett says Castle replaced her like 'that'. But most of the writers on this site seem to forget that she did the same thing (worst IMO) with Demming! She dumped the poor guy and within minutes went on to flirt with Castle! This should make Castle very wary of her after finding it out and wonder if she wouldn't do the same to him. Remember Vaughn?

Another thing I didn't like was that you invented an excuse of Demming lying to her to give some sort of justification for her terrible behavior towards Castle during that arc. I'm no fan of Demming but he didn't seem like a guy who'd do that. So why not simply make her accept her bad behavior and apologize honestly... And the whole thing with Castle 'understanding' was just... weak...
2/8/2022 c19 melodicRabbit
You know, obviously I loved caskett in this. But I think the standout parts for me were actually Fred's character, who provided such a good support system for castle when his family wouldn't have been able to be really objective about his problems with beckett, and beckett and Alexis's obvious love for each other. I have always wished I could see more of beckett in the mom role with Alexis, and this definitely granted that wish! Thank you for this fantastic story, and for making beckett, Ryan and Esposito realize how much they took castle's presence in the precinct for granted so they could start being more appreciative of him. And letting castle and beckett have open, honest, mature conversations about their outlooks and mistakes! Just great all around
1/11/2022 c19 25CileSuns92
Loved this story! So many details went into this, and it felt exactly like being transported there. I could not stop reading, even though real life intervened and it took me a couple of days to go through your story.

I guessed almost right off the bat that Rick was a firefighter, though I doubted it a couple of times, backtracked and tried to think about something else that might fit, then changed my mind again. He would definitely look good in a fireman uniform! I did enjoy the slow reveal of his other job, it kept me on my toes, and I do agree with your comment, it's different to see him completely removed from the Twelfth, and in a different way than the P.I. office ended up being.

All the heavier Caskett conversations were perfectly on point, too. I truly believe you nailed their characters. And props for not dropping any storylines, considering all the ones you were juggling! With this ending, it feels like it could go on, but I'm fully satisfied, nothing is missing for me.

I wanted to hate Fred/Winnie on principle, feeling like she'd figure out a way to get herself between Castle and Beckett, but I ended up liking her more and more as the chapters progressed. She and Lanie were perfect to push these two stubborn people together, and their insights were lovely. I'm so glad they finally met, you could have a whole new story with just their perspective on Caskett LOL I also really liked your version of Alexis, wary of Kate but welcoming. We've not seen enough of the Kate-Alexis relationship on the show, so I'm glad you gave them quite a few scenes together and developed their connection.

Again, I loved this story, such an original way to bring Castle and Beckett together! Thank you for taking the time to write and publish this until the end!
11/26/2021 c19 Maria
I absolutely loved this! One of my favorite Castle stories. Thank you for sharing your words.
5/20/2020 c19 19wendykw
Enjoyed rereading this story. The original characters in this story are fleshed out wonderfully, especially Fred. The changes in Rick and Kate's relationship is slow, sometimes agonizing to read, and because of that it's believable. Organic is what AWM would call it. Liked having Alexis play a positive and significant role in the story. Thanks for a day of reading Caskett goodness.
8/15/2019 c19 gafling
Very, very nice - congrats on a job well done.
7/19/2019 c19 natters
Good fic
3/13/2019 c19 cass
I though I'd read all your stories but apparently missed this one. I loved Fred and the way she supported Rick. I could read more about that friendship and I'd pay to see their fun interaction if Castle was still on the air. Her knockdown of Ryan and Espo was delicious and definitely a favorite chapter. I especially appreciated the slow movement of Rick and Kate to reconnect in a meaningful way so both of them were heard and respected within the relationship. Firefighter-Rick was genius, plus he excelled in a new arena and interacted with people beyond the precinct, in spite of why he was in that position in the first place. Your take on Montgomery/Bracken/Kate was an interesting twist, plus I liked that it didn't overwhelm the relationship story of Rick and Kate. You write those beloved characters so well. Loved, loved this one.
8/27/2018 c19 sasans
First of all thank you for your great story. It had me engaged from the very beginning and continued to do so even when I might have wanted resolutions a bit quicker. No matter what I finally agreed your timeline was correct. In the final chapter I was good with her relationship with Montgomery and that it would take time and would eventually get there. At the end of their conversation Victoria Gates from Internal Affairs was entering to ask some questions. Than made me want to know the resolution of that and since this is the end should I believe his past caught to him anyways? If so that would cause major turmoil once again for Beckett and crew.
8/27/2018 c18 sasans
This was another excellent chapter. I really enjoyed his chat with Kate's father and Jim saying at the end of it he'd eat his mug if Kate was not listening. Th party at The Haunt was also very good.
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