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for In the Midst of the Stars

2/24/2017 c2 Halariel
Cool story sounds pretty intersting. I hope you update soon, keep up your work.
2/22/2017 c2 orionastro
great new chapter
2/22/2017 c2 Nobody Smurf
I'm guessing that is the Emperor. The Empire with Protoss tech. Yikes.
And that would be the Ultimate Weapon. Even better. Sounds like Hamath has upped his game to three universes instead of just one.

This is pure nightmare fuel. Well played.
8/2/2016 c1 orionastro
very good beginning for the Story , cant hardly wait for the next chapters
7/8/2016 c1 Nobody Smurf
Interesting concept. I look forward to the continuation.

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