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5/23/2016 c1 9Brendanjoke
Cynical one aren't ya? It's fine, you're not that bad of a writer as you make yourself out to be. You're good. So it's fine. In regards to whether you should write this or duo of darkness, just do whatever you feel like it, bro. No one tells you what to do, except yourself. Writing isn't a job to us fanfic writers, it's a form of having fun and enjoying yourself, so do what you enjoy doing.

Now, on with the review.

Well, when I saw this in my inbox, I went 'what?' as I've never seen you tackle a different mmo with original characters. But you pulled it off decently. But since this is still the first chapter, a lot of character development is needed. The read is enjoyable and the energetic mc makes it even more. All in all, good start. Hope you make more!

Ps: Could one of those two different stories possibly be mine by any chance? ;)

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