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for Fallen snow

3/27/2019 c4 crimson the lion
when's the next update?
6/13/2016 c4 Draxon
i vote for fang
6/12/2016 c3 SPark681
Nice chapter so Naruto has a sister wonder why it sounds like they aren't close anyways keep up the great work!
6/12/2016 c2 BANKAIZEN
6/12/2016 c3 keyblade master cole
If you did do the triple pairing who would be in it.
5/26/2016 c2 draxon
if you do a triple pairing add Lightning (who don't like banging the two sisters Because i want to bang the two sisters) or fang (i like her very much)
5/25/2016 c2 19redlox2
If we get to choose right now for the 3rd pairing I would choose Vanille.
5/24/2016 c2 SPark681
Nice chapter wonder how Naruto will handle this wolves and if anyone else is alive on the ship anyways keep up the great work!
5/24/2016 c1 202Kyuubi16
This is really short. I would recommend a minimum of two-thousand words because sort snippets like this don't occur large viewership unless the content is exceptional.
5/24/2016 c2 Jose19
I am interested to know how are you going to make this work because chakra and magic from Final Fantasy is as different as Night and Day and Snowe is a good pairing but Final Fantasy is known for very beautiful girls too bad you couldn't use Lightning instead of her she is stronger than her.
5/23/2016 c1 SPark681
Nice start why not just make it so that the elemental nations is protected by a barrier and only those who wish to leave it can pass through it or something like that anyways keep up the great work!

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