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for A Dark Lover Series: Naraku

6/26/2017 c1 Guest
Read your stories years ago and just came across them again. I adore the revisions. Thank you for putting this up! It's nice seeing how your writing has somehow managed to improve!
2/4/2017 c14 2farrahjohnson21
ok omg I love this story please update
8/5/2016 c14 23Crystal Tsukino
Naraku, I thought you was smart! But people say love make us dumb... LOL
So, if Naraku doens't kill Inuyasha, what Sesshy is gonna do? Kill ME?
Or... will I and Sesshoumaru be lovers? kukuku - JUST JOKING! (or not...)
Okay, at least Naraku is back before MY kid born, but will he be okay? PLEAASE! What happened?!
I can't wait to see how this child will be! More Naraku, or me? OOOOOWN!
And Inuyasha, is he alive?
Okay, I'll have to wait to know. Until then, I'l fav the story and follow OF COURSE!
Congratulations for your fiction! It's FUCKIN' awesome!
Kissuuuuuuuus! S2
8/5/2016 c13 Crystal Tsukino
I have to say that was cute Naraku feeling jealous about Inuyasha! OOOWN! Come here, Nana-kun, let me squeeze your cheeks!
But this chapter made me feel anxious, not a good anxiety you know? If Shikon no Tama appears, something bad is going to happen... I feel it!
Naraku was very like he is on anime series... I don't think he would know how to solace someone in pain, really. Not with words, because he doesn't have this experience. He knows only how about to make people suffer, he never new the kind things of life before. How could he speak soft words, right? Okay, okay! Enough of emotionalism now... I just hope Naraku come back before his child born. PLEEEAASE!
And the next chapter is the last you published! NOOOOOOOOOOO! Please, say Naraku is coming back!
8/5/2016 c12 Crystal Tsukino
Okay, I know the girl Naraku was with in my dream was FUCKING Kikyou! DAMN IT!
And I knew I was pregnant! I just didn't imagine Naraku would know it earlier than me... BUT OF COURSE HE WOULD! This man knows much more about life than me, please! AHAHAHA
Okay, I really hope he takes care of his woman now, I didn't like that nightmare and I really don't want that to be a premonition... Please!
8/5/2016 c11 Crystal Tsukino
I'm a bit confused... Where is Naraku?!
And, I think there is a baby coming... kukuku
(After all hot sex, this time would come, of course! Am I right?)
Inuyasha being Inuyasha! I love his personality hahaha
And Kagome explainning that I'm in love with Naraku to Inu-kun? YEAH, I'M FUCKING IN LOVE WITH THAT ASSWHOLE! - insert hearts, chocolates, bright eyes, flowers, rainbows and fairies here - WHERE IS MY FUCKING MAN?
Okay, I really need to know what Naraku has to say! How he puts me in this stage of curiosity and fades away? Tipical.
8/5/2016 c10 Crystal Tsukino
Crazy Naraku! How could he do such a thing with ME? Wait, I have no pride, do I? I shouldn't go back with him so easily, not after he left me in this way! But... but... this asshole is SO irresistible! AAAARGH!
And, he FINALLY told he love ME! I can forgive everything only because of that LOL
You must know you are making many fangirls dreams come true with this fanfic, don't you?
What will happen next? Naraku is very intense and inconstant. I'm afraid that love can become hate easily in his dark heart... NOOOO!
8/5/2016 c9 Crystal Tsukino
Naraky Grey is surely overcoming Miroku! By the way, Miroku is a saint if we compare the two LOL
Well, I don't know how to describe my feeling about these ... hot moments? When I think there is no much more new situations to happen, Naraku comes with bandages and a hairbrush... Well!
That thing with asshole would be a little worriesome. I would not be confortable with the idea of someone... well... but Naraku doesn't know the words "no" and "limit" in sex, as I see here... So, anything can happen.
After all, his evil nature stills in his acts. He'll ever be a sadist, in every matters... Kukuku!
8/5/2016 c8 Crystal Tsukino
I really want to care Naraku's wounds, I want to take him im my arms and never let him go! OMG I'm SO in love! Your Naraku is perfect, you know?! S2
He was acting strange at the end of chapter, but it's like him so...
I loved the scene under the tree, everytime is time for Naraku do that kind of thing LOL! My dear hanyo, you are overcoming Miroku! I laught so much, as I think I would if I was in that situation :P
8/5/2016 c7 Crystal Tsukino
Don't do it with my heart, please! Naraku is going to be fine, say it! PLEAAASE!
What a luck I have some more to read, or I would be having a heartache right now...
That was a relief that Naraku went over his probably shame to show his feelings for a human girl in front of his enemies... It surprised me!
Well, let's see if he will wake up in a good mood.
Who was the old man? An OOC or someone of the series?
8/5/2016 c6 Crystal Tsukino
OMG! What a exciting chapter! Love declarations, cute moments, gifts (ok, i'm not a fan of pink, but I would dress that kimono anyway, and very glad for doing it), Naraku sexy and sweet... OF COURSE HE IS CAPABLE OF LOVE, HE JUST DOESN'T WANT TO ADMIT IT! Come here, Naraku, let me hug you and show you how love can be great! (I must tell you when Naraku was saying that he doesn't know if he can love someone, automaticaly I heard that Aerosmith's song in my mind: "I WANNA KNOW WHAT LOVE IIIS, I KNOW YOU CAN SHOW MEEE" - something like this LOL)
So, more trouble... it's inevitable, after all, we are talking about Naraku here. What a mess I'm involved! But, for love, for this guy, why not? It's time for a little adventure!
I'm worried if Naraku won't be angry because I'm showing myself for all his enemies... He can be interested in me, but Naraku wouldn't like Inuyasha's group to know about his lover, this could be a prouf of weakness in his mind. To love someone it's a thing, to let everybody knows about it is different thing. Is Naraku prepared to it? TROUBLEEEES!
8/5/2016 c5 Crystal Tsukino
Naraku - it's so easy to fall in love with him! I fell a little dumb, but it's true.
You see, in short time he conquered "me" and I don't feel that it's absurd, despite his behavior at the beggining, and everything... He is evil, we know it, but when he shows sweetness it's so irresistible!
I loved the scene when I was telling him about my life (it's amazing to be the protagonist! YEY!) and he was paying such attention! SOOO CUTE! NARAKU IS MY BOYFRIEND, LA LA LA LA! - singing like a child -
So, Sesshomaru is back! Boring Sesshoumaru! Hindering the best time! GO FIGHT INUYASHA, STUPID DOG!
8/5/2016 c4 Crystal Tsukino
Naraku, I think you need a psychiatrist!
But, I must confess... At the first "I'm sorry" I would throw me in his arms, I'd be his so easily... LOL
HOT AS HELL! Damn it! He is so hot! How could anyone deny his demands like this?
I thought she/me would run away with InuYasha's group, I'm happy this didn't happen, for sure!
That was so close! I was happy that Naraku saved... ME! OMG! I'm a little bit crazy (little?!), don't care about it, friend, you'll se more nonsenses in next reviews, so relax! :P
So, Naraku shows some emotions at least... if it's a fake I'll discover in future, hope not.
8/5/2016 c3 Crystal Tsukino
Okay, I don't know what to feel about this... It's strange, a few moments the guy wanted me to clean my piss with my tongue and now... well. I think if I was really there I would think: "why a man HOT AS HELL like this would have sex with ME?" because, if he thinks it would be a torture for me to have sex with him, poor villain, he FAILS with this method. LOL
Talking about the sex scene, it was sudden, it surprised me, for real. I had to read again the moment to be certain that was happening. And, my doubts remains... Why is he doing it? What he will get with it? Is it Onigumo's nature possessing his acts? More questions that I shall have to read the rest to find the answers... till there, I believe I'll sigh a little more after this hot moments, although the "asswhole" scene, that was... well... painful even in my imagination. Okay, Naraku Grey! 50th shades of red should be the name of this fanfic. LOL I'm joking! It's very interesting! Will I have some moments with Sesshoumaru too? KUKUKU! Nope, Naraku it's fine, he is my favorite one!
8/5/2016 c2 Crystal Tsukino
Wow... this was.. how can I say? Harsh, heavy? Well, it was as Naraku are, and he is not a fairy tale's prince, we have to admit... but I love him, I can't help it.
My mind is full of questions right now. Why should Naraku show himself so interested in a ordinary human? Is it only for fun? I don't know, Naraku always has some dark thoughts, but I don't know if he would do something like this only for fun, without a purpose, you know... Oh, and there is another thing that is making me so curious: how I arrived in Feudal Japan? And why?
Okay, I need to read more. I have to get clean because piss stinks and I'm ashamed because I don't want Naraku smelling me like this. Where is my french perfume? LOL
So, Naraku is going to bath with me, Naraku is going to try drowning me?
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