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10/16/2016 c13 Guest
Why only sixteen?!
10/13/2016 c15 Holeysaintgeorge
Yayayay I'm loving this fic! I can't wait for the next update!
10/12/2016 c15 3JKButcher
This is a devastatingly gorgeous work of art. An absolute master-class in characterization, tone and restraint. I rather think I'm swooning. I can't thank you enough for having shared it with us.

The past several hours have positively flown by and the world at large has faded into the background as I've had eyes for naught else, absorbed as I was right from the first chapter. The general malaise Harry experienced is spot on for any young adult finding themselves free of all the obligations they'd had up to that point, and doubly-so for Harry considering the all-consuming task he'd been building towards for 7 years had finally been accomplished.

The very clever mirroring of of home renovations and personal growth was wonderfully handled, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching Harry getting his house in order - both literally and metaphorically. It really felt like Harry needed to peel back the layers of himself that were getting careworn and moldy after having been used to insulate himself (necessarily) against his life to that point.

I also really appreciate the deftness with which you handled the romances of both Harry and Ginny and Ron and Hermione. So often (too often) in these post-Hogwarts fic's, the romance subplots become all consuming until nothing else but fluff and smut remain. A sort of race through the stations of a relationship, with very little consideration given to who the characters actually are. But here, everything flows so smoothly, and even somewhat off screen (even with H/G), that what moments you do include feel completely natural and honest. (Plus, I can share this story with my kid who's just as obsessed as I am)

There are some very minor typos and idiosyncratic grammar things that could stand a bit of polishing should you so desire, but let's be honest - it's the story we're all here for, and that's as good as they come, and not at all hampered by any of the (infinitesimal) errors. Don't change your methods at this point, particularly with seemingly just one chapter left. However it is you write, it clearly works for you.

I'm so head over heels for this that I'm going to go back through each chapter and pull out my favorite bit from each, mainly because I want to revisit the whole thing in its entirety.

1: The list of the circumstances and frequencies with which Harry shared his afterlife insights with the Weasleys was absolutely heartbreaking in both its simplicity and its lyricism. It was at this very moment that drew in a sharp breath and withdrew from the world until surfacing only once done with the last chapter.

2: Harry's reluctance to give up Teddy is bang on with my own observations of how folks acted around my own kids when they were infants. In fact, you've got the baby stuff down pretty pat. I expect you've some experience with young kids.

3: Having Harry listening to the press conference over the WWN is such an inspired decision. It would have been much easier just to have Harry in attendance, but this way we get some world building mixed in. Plus, it's just a heck of a lot more fun.

4. I'm not certain I can pick just one thing in this chapter. The passing of the quaffle through the portrait hole was a fantastic bit of scene-setting, and it made that conversation so much more dynamic in my head. It also made the rest of your fic look like a Wes Anderson movie in my head. I love that Kingsley so clearly had this initial meeting planned with those who would go on to be Harry's supervisors, and that he's rather surprised when it doesn't go quite as he'd envisioned. But that's what you get for trying to ambush Harry. And Hermione's letter is absolutely perfect.

5: Andy's echoing of Harry's request that Dumbledore "explain... more" in King's Cross made me chuckle.

6: I love how you subvert all the Ginny (and/or the Weasleys) are only after Harry's money fics by making her genuinely unaware of Harry's wealth. But truly, this entire chapter was awesome. Boy-who-got-his-arse-kicked, indeed. Oh, and the Harry's unquestioning support of Ginny's goals was so sweet, and probably not something she got too much with her contingent of brothers. Gah. Fluff done impeccably right.

7: You absolutely nailed Ginny's take-no-crap attitude at the end there, while still keeping her the firebrand she so obviously is. You've got her character dead to rights.

8: Blimey, but this chapter was a good one. First, it's awesome that Harry doesn't dream of just one thing over and over in perpetuity. Guy has enough nightmare fuel to last a good long while. Second, his epiphany coming after an earnest one sided conversation with his parent's headstone is awesome. As is the fact that even now, Dumbledore is the one pulling Harry's strings. And of course, the one thing he wants to do after deciding he needs to feel alive is to go tell Ginny he loves her. That whole confession was so out of the blue and absolutely perfect. Of course Harry's first I love you would be rash, poorly thought out and ultimately successful.

9: It would seem that Harry's ' saving people thing' extends to owls. Virgil is certainly awesome, and I love how his long stay in the owl emporium mirrors Crookshanks' past. And I never really thought about the trio being the cool kids, but now that I think on it, they did always seem to get the good chairs in front of the fire in the common room.

10: The progression of the interview was fantastic, with Harry really ending up in control of the room. Wasn't sure he'd get there, given how he'd started, but he is who he is, eh?

11: Your solution to the Head Girl issue is elegant, and one I've not seen before. The rest of the bits and pieces of conversation we see as Harry mingles really helps fill in some blanks. And then drunk!Harry makes an appearance, and Ron and Hermione are back! I probably missed them just as much as Harry did. It's just not Harry Potter without them, and it's so nice that you realize this and haven't split the trio up in favor of a pair of couples instead.

12: Harry has his own little support group, and given the way training looks to be going, he'll need it. Your instructor is quite the character, and you can tell that there's a begrudging respect under all the bravado.

13: I really appreciate how understanding McGonagall's being about everyone's situation. I can absolutely see her being more lax with students who have, by necessity, grown up far more than your typical teenagers.

14: The rapid apparition was well done, and inspired. Frankly, I'm surprised that I haven't seen it before. I am in love with Ron's solution to Harry shacking up with Ginny, and also your chapter title (well, all of them really, but this one in particular).

15: That letter is so heartfelt and honest. Everyone who matters will think higher of Harry for it, I suspect. And it's nice to see Harry begrudgingly accept some modicum of his fame.

So... to make a long story short: this is awesome, you're awesome, thanks!
10/11/2016 c15 19pinkphoenix1985
I really enjoyed this! I love that the letter went public and Harry's humiliation about it.
10/11/2016 c15 gracefish21
10/11/2016 c15 2mwinter1
Awaiting more.
10/11/2016 c15 Guest
Thanks for the update! I really enjoyed this one..
10/1/2016 c14 1DonCaballero
I like how you handled the faults of Harry. The descriptions of his body language under the duress of personal faults getting dissected by [new] authority in an adult professional setting (as opposed to dumbledore and harry interactions) was simple yet key, which I appreciated. It really humanizes Harry and follows the rules of storytelling (of character description through actions i.e. dynamic storytelling, and not being direct about it).
10/1/2016 c14 nesciamema
Hilarious... Things no sibling wants to know lol
10/1/2016 c13 nesciamema
Fingers crossed Harry gets the knowledge & we find out why his trainer is such an ass. I mean he was probably working for the last several ministry administrations who ignored the growing death eater problem & stood by or maybe even helped I prison innocents the year before.
10/1/2016 c12 Guest
Kind of wondering why Harry hasn't asked what all these older trainees & his trainer were doing the last year. Ironic that Auror Aonghus probably worked for the ministry run by death eaters making him a coward to make a stand or complicit to save his own skin or willing to just mosey along since it was his job.
9/27/2016 c14 gracefish21
9/21/2016 c14 6meekerprincess9778
love the ending of the chapter
9/21/2016 c14 19pinkphoenix1985
I really loved this family-oriented part!
9/20/2016 c10 Guest
THAT WILL NOT WORK! But I guess you already know that. I figured it out 60 years ago so it seems all a waist of time to me. I was 12 at the time. I guess the young always have to invent the wheel.
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