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for Thank Freyja

4/28 c18 12Hazel Topaz the Owl
Let's do the Time Warp Again! Don't you just love seeing everything come together! Idk if this fic will ever finish, but I'm just happy it's still here. (Some authors have been deleting their old stuff so just taking a nostalgia trip to soothe the pain)
4/28 c27 logysz368
This is good.. can u please come back? My old account was hydop and I can’t access it

How have u been? I miss this story! Please come back
1/5 c27 3Gaming9
Will u ever return? I hope so!
12/31/2021 c27 Starlight355
This is by far one of the best fanfiction I’ve read about httyd . I know that you’re not updating from a long time but I hope someday you’ll come back . This is really great really !
9/25/2021 c27 loliboats
Its been 2 years since you last updated.. Havent stopped reading your work i would love a continuation if only for the plot,an authors note on whether you want ro discontinue the story would be much appreciated. However,i implore you to find the drive that started you down writing fanfiction and finish up this series. Thank you,a dedicated fan.
3/25/2021 c1 3imnotoverlyobsessive
Friggin’ tragedy she only got to fuck him once before having to wait YEARS to do it again. Poor Astrid. And Hiccup’s so delicious, too. Like I said, it’s a tragedy.
3/7/2021 c20 1Hulk Fury
Not liking the tension much. But the story is interesting.
3/7/2021 c7 Hulk Fury
Seems a bit over lustful for them but I like it.
1/31/2021 c12 1ChiefHiccstrid561
1/8/2021 c27 ChiefHiccstrid561
I hope u can someday come back
12/31/2020 c27 IHateAutocorrect
I know you’ll never finish this but I hope all is well. Maybe someday you’ll come back.
12/20/2020 c27 58PhantomPotterGirl
i love this dirty, filthy story to bits that i literally cannot get this out of my head. i hope you haven't abandoned this because there's only so many good smut hiccstrid fics out there that i can read before i'll keep coming back to 'thor help her' and 'thank freya'! (that chap in 'thor help her' where hiccup almost takes astrid in his room in the forge on berk has literally not left my mind since i read it you evil genius)

love your characterisation, plot, literally everything is so well planned out and written and i keep thinking 'damn you're good!'. i really hope you continue cos i'm dying to find out what happens when astrid finally admits to hiccup what happened to her when she younger - would he be horrified? would be find it hot? weird? i'm dyyyinngg g! hope you're doing well during these shitty times!
10/6/2020 c27 Guest
Hey keep up the good work whens the next update?
7/30/2020 c1 hehe
love the fic. 10/10. please continue this amazing story
7/19/2020 c2 5J915WinterKing
I have always admired thalia story for how good and smutty it was. 10/10
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