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5/26/2016 c2 SonjaLei17
Oh my gosh, this is amazing! I'm super excited to see where you take this story next! You capture Jane and Kurt's characters perfectly. Your writing made me feel their pain, anger, and anguish like it was my own. Thank you so much for sharing this!
5/26/2016 c2 Elislin
So good
So heartbreaking!
Please continue with more, im not sure how soon they will be back to being friends.
Or even how they will be back to tolerate each other... But you can definitely give us some awesomely good jeller
5/26/2016 c2 Annie Wallis
Excellent descriptive narrative...good work!
5/26/2016 c2 2hbarker
Once again, nicely done! Now let's see your spin on what happens from here. Can't wait!
5/26/2016 c1 5Chris.JC
What a good start you have made to this story by going inside Jane's head and describing her thought processes, she appears to be prepared to accept responsibility for her past actions and apparently is willing to confess them to Weller. Obviously he isn't going to forgive and forget at the moment or indeed for sometime to come, but he will eventually I would think, Jane is obviously going to have to come away from her former associates.
Whether this is the way the writers will want to take her in Season 2 maybe another story, basically I want go agree with Wellers statement earlier in the season that Jane is instinctively a good person.
Roll on September/October for the start of season 2. I look forward to your updates on this story.
5/24/2016 c1 102MonkeyPajamas
The fact that this is a WIP is going to come back to haunt me isn't it? At least it will keep me entertained all summer!

I seriously just love all this. I love the description and how it all flows and the memories.

"That he knew her... whether or not she had been Taylor" ... exactly!

I really think, if Kurt could accept it, he could see how much he even influenced her 'fake' memories. He talked about so many of the things that she then 'remembered'... and Jane who needed a past so desperately, could have easily just taken any of those and made it her own without even thinking about it. Okay, she didn't, but she could have. Easily.

I love the idea that Jane wanted to be Taylor for him, to give him peace. Especially the idea that all she could do was take from him, and that this was something she could finally do FOR him. So great.

One thing that makes me sure Jeller will survive this is exactly what you said. Kurt's hurt right now. He just realized/thinks that Jane has been lying to him. But once he's able to process the hurt, hear about the threat, he will be angry, sure. But he will move past it. Eventually. Because he loves JANE.

I'm just clearly going to quote this entire thing, so just be okay with that. But just, you write the things that are in my head and I'm like "oh that's what I'm trying to say instead of the incomprehensible madness in my head!"

Just even the note about how Kurt put the handcuffs on her, tighter, and Jane knows he's doing it on purpose.

Bringing up the image of her alone that first night and then tying it together, really bringing it full circle...

Then you already know I love the last lines.

So, anyways, until either a) S2 actually airs and we find out what really happens or b) I sort out my own thoughts on this... To me, this is the official what happens.

Now get writing.
5/24/2016 c1 Hokiegrl12
Awesome! Beautiful insight into what they are feeling. I'm so glad to see a story continuing from the finale last night and hopefully, eventually making things between Jane and Weller better again! The finale was so good, but it was heartbreaking. Thank you for taking the time to write and post this story. I can't wait to read more :)
5/24/2016 c1 Elislin
5/24/2016 c1 2BonesLover7566
Wow... that ending last night was something awful. Made me cry as reading this chapter did. We can always hope for Jeller to still be there; even if it's not quite the same anymore. Looking forward to more. Have a great day!
5/24/2016 c1 2hbarker
Excellent job! Haven't watched hmthe finale yet, but I know what happened, so no spoiler issue. Look forward to reading more.
5/24/2016 c1 2itsfridaysomewhere
that was a great start! Can't wait to see where you are taking this!
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