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8/29/2016 c19 Amydave29
Thank you so much for taking time out of your vacation to update!
I'm so glad Jane got everything out and that's over. I hate Weller having to leave, but I wondered how long they would let them go. I can imagine what they thought of the footage! The end was so tense, but with only one chapter left, I'm hoping for a happy ending:)
8/29/2016 c19 6Grnigirl
Another great chapter! Looking forward to finding out what happens next!
8/29/2016 c19 Renee
Liked the story can't wait to read the next chapter, hope it has a happy ending they deserve it.
8/29/2016 c19 Annie
interesting interchange...you make all of the interactions so realistic...it is wonderful
8/28/2016 c19 Guest
Ahhhhhhh cliffhangers! Love hate relationship, mostly hate but man don't we all love when they get resolved and the ideas that we think up before hand! As always fabulous job, spectacular! The emotion that you are able to display in your stories is out of this world! Great great job, can not wait for the next chapter!
8/21/2016 c18 102MonkeyPajamas
Deep breath. I know why I want to read this one first. I do. But I think part of the reason it took me almost 2 hours to start the review is I know what's coming. Well that and lunch. But mostly it's hard. It's a rough one.

Isn't it like Hamlet, the bloodied hands. Hey! I'm comparing this fic to Shakespeare! That must mean it's pretty good. Just sayin...

I think bringing up Ana now hurts just a bit more because we both just watched 106.

Trust me Jane. There will be questions. Not so much in this story, because we don't have the answers, but MG does.

Finally at the part where Jane confesses about the pictures and what happened. So much pain. the person he trusts the must "that i always wanted that"

Kurt's response about how Oscar managed to do that. Telling her to be with someone else. And I mean, of course, all that it means for Jeller. But also, the 'preJane' Oscar relationship. And the sketching of the birds, which someone said meant freedom, and what their relationship must have been like, how much it really was hard for them to part, and how Oscar was sketching these tattoos. I don't know why I am talking about that relationship so much. She isn't that person anymore. He's dead. It's all Jeller now.

My heart is breaking just remembering the voicemail, and then the way Jane is describing it, where it was literally like this one moment of happiness, but it really wasn't, because of what Jane was discovering and what Kurt was about to learn..

That entire fight sequence, that entire scene from the finale, with Jane in the barn. Man, it's hard to read.

It hurts. It hurts it hurts!

And just that Jane is only now finally processing it. Oh, it hurts.

Sitting on the floor together, him just comforting her.

Oh, those last lines.
"Still, at least she wasn't currently torturing herself, as she continued to sleep, curled into the side of him. For that small mercy... he was grateful"

I love this story. Even when it makes me hurt so much.
8/21/2016 c18 Amydave29
Poor Jane. I'm glad she finally got everything out. Hope they can work through it now and get her out of there! My favorite is how he rubs circles on her hands the whole time!
8/19/2016 c18 Guest
Woah! Holy guacamole! That was intense! Wow! Incredible job! Fantastic! This was, whew there are no words! So good! By the way, I absolutely loved the part where Kurt said that he would never have neen able to let her go like Oscar did, that part was my favorite! Ahhhhh loved it! Anyhoo great job as always can't wait for the next one!
8/20/2016 c18 6MSerrada
Really enjoyed your writing. Your style and characterizations are so enthralling that I zoomed through this entire story since just last night. Looking forward to seeing where you go from here.
8/20/2016 c18 6Grnigirl
I love this whole story, and the way you write it, but I especially love this chapter (18). You do a great job bringing both characters' emotions to life, and I can just feel them feeding off each other as I read it. I love how Weller is slowly putting the pieces together, and the ending where they both just collapse. Great job, keep it up!
8/19/2016 c18 1ourstartingpoints
Ugh, this story. It's so good. I love how supportive and forgiving Kurt is, he can see how Jane is broken. They both are, what come next only makes them stronger; because they have each other.
8/19/2016 c18 2hbarker
Wow...that was intense! Nicely done!
8/19/2016 c18 Annie
this is wonderful...all the detailed dialog is remarkable and so well thought out
8/19/2016 c18 Renee
Very good can't wait to read the next part.
8/19/2016 c18 slayathon
Absolutely love this chapter keep them coming
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