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8/18/2016 c17 Annie
wow! another great episode...the suspense is killing me
8/18/2016 c17 2hbarker
Loved it!
8/17/2016 c17 102MonkeyPajamas
"There's still plenty of heartache to come! I hope you enjoy it!"
Most people wouldn't understand. But I do.

The whole - what actually will happen to her - is what I'm curious about. I mean, besides the torture thing. Like, Kurt really didn't arrest her for a crime (unless believing what the FBI told you is a crime), but she's certainly committed crimes. But she can't go and stay in prison unless S2 will be REALLY REALLY depressing and weird.

I like the beach story, where she has trouble breathing because of Kurt, not her crimes.

So I'm actually reading this, and I'm in the exact same position as Kurt. My head resting on left hand, left elbow supporting it..

The small distance between them felt like a gulf that stretched for miles after spending so long holding onto her hands.

So it's not the same way, but its the little things that Kurt is doing her to calm down, that had me thinking of this story as the boy was having a total melt down today. I mean, he just go so worked up at having gotten in trouble, so I had to calm him down before he even could deal with apologizing. Poor kid. I still love him. But I do have a nice tooth impression on my nose.

I'd forgotten so much of this even though I thought I remembered it! So grateful for your notes.

I am so glad that the secrets part, at least the secrets between the team members is done in S2. Everyone knows everything.

"How had they all ended up lying to each other. this team that had once been such a family."

How has all of this happened, since that first chapter. This story has taken on such an emotional ride!

And that last line... that's what sets up the emotional roller coaster crash of next chapter or two...
8/16/2016 c5 9Afia
Man, this is so good. Love how we're experiencing everyone's pov (and emotional turmoil)!
8/14/2016 c16 BlindspotF
The Mayfair and Carter chapters were amazing. As always. You write with such attention to detail. It's really impressive. Her inner struggle and how he tries to comfort her, how his physical touch is always soothing her. Superb writing! I would just like to point out sth that bothered me and which you may plan to tackle in another chapter. Jane realized that the purpose of all the missions that Oscar had asked her to do was to take Mayfair out of the FBI and put her in jail in 1x21, when Mayfair got arrested and Jane met Sofia and oscar who told her that Mayfair was into some bad things. It wasn't until two weeks later (there was a time jump) that she decided that she had enough of that and went to that basement to tell Oscar that everything was over. And then Mayfair died. Why did it took her two weeks? What happened during these two weeks? Did they convince her that Mayfair deserved to stay in jail? Did they threaten to kill Weller again? Why didn' t she go to Weller and the team the moment she realized she had unintentionally framed Mayfair? What was she thinking? She must have known things were getting out of control. Keep up the great work!
8/14/2016 c16 Elislin
Oh wow... I was finally able to read this latest amazing chapter!
And I can't wait for more :)
8/14/2016 c16 slayathon
I love this story so much please write more?
8/14/2016 c16 102MonkeyPajamas
What's next. Carter.

He'd be there as long as he needed to.

I can't even imagine knowing that you are being constantly recorded and monitored. It's so easy to forget that Jane is. I love that the bathroom is her privacy. It's such a small detail, but really important.

"she knew that he was the one who could calm her down" And just her fear that she really will confess something that will make it end. Heartbreaking.

The hug.

This, this Kurt Weller is what I need someone to say to me sometimes. Okay, just FYI, you are awesome and all, but if I could get fictional Kurt Weller here, saying these things when I go crazy. Sorry, no contest. :P But until then, you're good.

That Jane is actually allowing herself to feel happy, because that truly is one of the few moments of pure happiness she's felt.

Sawyer and Sarah (will still be) interrupting their moments, over a year after that first kiss.

I feel like this really is the most painful part of the confession. Because their guilt associated with it. And the pure joy from moments before. How Jane feels guilt because she does. How Kurt realizes how he should have done SOMETHING. It's so heartbreaking how they are both hurting for something that neither has control over, and that Jane is getting so much worse right now for reals. Because she's being tortured but she also has the emotional torment of the arrest.

Oscars dead. Oscars dead. Oscars dead.
He is useful. he saved Jane. But he also caused a bunch of trouble.
But he's dead.

Such a lovely call back that she still isn't admitting how she really feels about Weller. It almost is like a random place, but it isn't. Like if you look at it objectively, WTH would she be thinking about it now. BUt then you look at Weller. You look at what's happened, and you add in the fact that Rich Dotcom said it, and then its like of course she would think that memory right now.

"You did this to yourself"

Really. I know sleeping with Oscar was what Jane was concerned about. I know the conspiracy with Mayfair is the actual legal trouble she should be in. But the Carter part. That's the heartbreaking one.

Their whole conversation about fault and the following days is so perfect. I want to quote it all.

"You're not that woman. You're Jane." Which is why, unless MG and co tell me differently I refused to acknowledge her by whatever name they say she is.

"I got to keep just enough to be a punishment."

So a few times at work, where I've had a total breakdown, it's always fun going to the bathroom and splashing water on your face and then trying to go back and act like it's totally cool. Your eyes aren't a puffy mess, your cheeks aren't splotchy. Totally normal.

The hug again. I swear, just these moments kill me. (totally different than the way the fluff kills me), but it's so wonderful and just so descriptive.
8/14/2016 c16 25marap
I cannot put into words just how amazing this fanfiction is. It is simply perfect and I feel giddy every time I see that you have posted a new chapter. The only problem is that you've set the bar so high, no way can the show compete! Haha! No way will the premiere be as amazing as this fanfiction. Thank you for writing it. If you'd like to keep it going for a really long time, I wouldn't exactly complain... ;) x
8/13/2016 c16 Amydave29
This is so tough to get through, but love all the feelings! I love all the hugging. Oh what I wouldn't give for some hugs in season 2 :( I think we'll be lucky if we get any touching for awhile, so I rely on your amazing fics to get my Jeller fix :)
8/13/2016 c16 Guest
Wow! Another fantastic chapter! Can't say enough good things about this story and your writing! It made my day to see a new chapter posted! Woo hoo! Looking forward to the next one!
8/13/2016 c16 Annie
another excellent chapter...couldn't read it fast enough
8/13/2016 c16 Guest
this is very well written with attention to J and K feelings. Please update soon.
8/13/2016 c16 27Snapdragon83
Another fantastic update! Can't wait to find out what happens next.
8/10/2016 c15 Guest
This just keeps getting better and better. Fabulous job! So enjoyed it. The emotion just jumped off the pages. Thank confession just killed me , especially the part about Mayfair's last words. This has been such a pleasure to read.
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