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7/15/2016 c11 Renee
Will she confess that she slept with Oscar, which I believe she did because she think she couldn't have Kurt and what about the Istope test that Patterson did on her tooth. So Kurt share some of the blame for not telling her about the test in the first place. We know that their still in love with each other it's just going to take time for them to find there way back to each other, can't wait to read the next chapter.
7/15/2016 c1 Amydave29
Wow. I couldn't read that fast enough. I felt Jane's anxiety and how torn Kurt was. I'm glad she told him she wanted to be Taylor for him. I think that's important. And for the record, I think we all did :( Great job. That was a lot for him to take, but I think he'll be back :p
7/15/2016 c11 12CrazyCaz
Wow! That was a heavy chapter! That was really good! Can't wait see what else she reveals!
7/15/2016 c11 guest
Dude that's great story and you are writing it so fast NICE JOB
7/15/2016 c11 Elislin
This is heartbreaking !
Tell me he will be back!
Cant wait for more
7/15/2016 c11 Guest
Best chapter so far, I feel like I say that a lot but it's true! I was so hopeful up until the end though! The ending completely broke my heart! When he took her hand and told her it would be okay I literally started cheering and then about three paragraphs later my heart was crushed! I really really hope that we get back to that hopeful feeling soon, pretty pretty please! Anyhoo great job writing that scene between them, you wrote their charecters spot on, their thoughts and emotions are perfectly fitting! And I love the voices in their head, I think those are my favorite touch to your stories!
7/15/2016 c11 Guest
I'm so glad you're writing this story. It's holding me over until Season 2 in September, and it's a really wonderful piece. Thanks!
7/14/2016 c10 Elislin
You are really killing me here!
This is great! I cant wait for them to talk!
7/14/2016 c10 2hbarker
Duh duh duuuuuuuuhhhhh! Can't wait to see how it goes! Good luck, but I'm sure you'll nail it!
7/14/2016 c10 Guest
you're right the next chapter will be very difficult to write. I'm curious to see what will happen. Personally I'm sad because I know when she talks she'll incriminate herself and I care about Jane (yes I know she's not a real person lol). please update soon.
7/13/2016 c10 Renee
Don't keep us waiting to long, can't wait to read that conversation.
7/14/2016 c10 Annie Wallis
this was great...looking forward to the "talk"
7/14/2016 c10 2BonesLover7566
Whew! Great chapter. Can't wait to see what she has to say to Kurt. Glad he was made to go talk to Jane. Still love this story. Til next time
7/13/2016 c10 Amydave29
Ah! You're killing me! But your description of their feelings are beautiful. Can't wait for the next chapter!
7/13/2016 c10 12CrazyCaz
You go girls! You tell the man? I can't wait to see what Jane reveals! I really hope she tells hims everything!
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