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6/18/2016 c4 Annie Wallis
intriguing...please keep going
6/17/2016 c4 Elislin
More please!
This is very good!
6/17/2016 c4 2hbarker
Yikes! Wow...so heart wrenching and intense. Nicely done.
6/17/2016 c4 102MonkeyPajamas
Clearly the real entrance is through a burning ring of fire, after which everyone walks on coals, and then is subjected to ultraviolet light before being tickled with a feather.
Or maybe this way works fine also.

Damn, I'm like being thrown in a loop with your stories. First with fall finale Oscar, then way back to pilot and E2, now back to finale... it takes me a minute!

Okay, so also, I think I like the putting Jane through emotional hell better than Weller. Well, right now, both of them are in emotional hell, and Jane can't even explain and there's absolutely no heart eyes at the end of this hell.

Oh god, and Mayfair's dead. I had blocked out that also.

You know, thanks Kurt. My father and I had a ... well, we at least weren't estranged for years. And when he died, he didn't confess to actually killing any of my childhood friends. So, comparatively, I'm good. You got the real daddy issues Kurt.

Not with this story, since it's the show, but I honestly can't fully believe that Weller's dad got away with it. I mean, I know forensics has come a LONG way in 25 years (heck, in 15 years), but still... I guess there just wasn't ever enough.

I like that they are like why did you arrest her!

Oh well. You are not permanently done with Jane. Your story is just beginning.

hahahahahah "for a brilliant agent, Weller really can be a dumbass."

Oooh! Line from E2! Tasha remembers the terrible people do terrible things! And what that means.

I love (hate) reading about all their responses to finding out about Jane's secret.

She really didn't do it all on purpose. She's just as much a victim now as she was before.
6/4/2016 c1 Annie
6/4/2016 c2 Annie
the descriptive language was elegant..wonderful fic
6/1/2016 c3 MonkeyPajamas
If I have anything to say about it, there will be minimum time between updates. I am quite good at begging/bugging/encouraging.

I have to brace myself for the heartache that I know will follow.

I feel like even with the first paragraph, man, I would hate to be Jane. Just all that privacy invaded. (There was a secret once on PostSecret like I only clean my house for the crime scene investgators. I believe that may be true in my case also!)

Her whole team will hate her! :'(. No, Jane. They will come around. They must!

That entire paragraph about Oscar is exactly how I feel. Like I feel like Oscar betrayed me as much as he betrayed Jane. Because I wanted him to be good. I wanted him to give her answers, give her peace. And then he turned out to be a total jerkface liar! We all hate him also, Jane, don't worry.

Okay, I guess you're right. I don't hate Oscar for the initial memory wipe. Just everything else.

This quote I feel is very applicable here:
The most painful state of being is remembering the future. Particularly one you can never have.
That's just what I was thinking of with Jane right now.

She feels empathy for Kurt. See that's how you know that Jane really is a good person. Something happened to her before, it's nature vs nuture, but she was made to believe and feel how she did before. But now, memory gone, she reverted back to instincts. And those instincts are good. she was surrounded by people who are good. She's a good person.

Can I give Jane and Kurt a hug? And then make them hug each other, and just have a good cry. They need it.

"He hates me now, but he's alive" it's such a hard sentence, but it's exactly true.

"I'm not okay" is just as heartbreaking now.

It's like a gut punch reading this. I thought I was ready, but I'm not!

Okay Jane, to disappear, you just ... well I guess this technically only works if you are not handcuffed in an FBI vehicle at an active crime scene. Can't help you there Jane.

Me and Jane have something in common. She doesn't want to open her eyes because of her situation. I can't open my eyes because pink eye gunk has fused it shut. Hahaha. I laugh at my pain.

God, just remembering that scene, with him drawing his gun on her. Painful, painful, painful.

Time will change something Jane. It will. Slowly. You and Kurt will find trust again.

Poor Jane. She's back where she started. So vulnerable. so alone.
6/1/2016 c3 slayathon
Can't wait for more!
5/31/2016 c3 2BonesLover7566
Loving this story so far, even though the last chapter and this one had me in tears. Somehow I missed the email alert for chapter 2 but I did read it before this one. Anyway can't wait to see what's next for #Jeller (yes I still refer to Jane and Kurt as #Jeller. I'm not giving up on them either.
5/31/2016 c3 SonjaLei17
Aww, that made me tear up at the end! Poor Jane, I can't wait to see how the interrogation goes. I'm glad Zapata is on her side, somewhat. Thanks for the update! It was wonderful :)
5/31/2016 c3 Annie Wallis
This was exquisitely done. Your descriptive language was so appropriate. Can hardly wait for Chapter 4.
5/31/2016 c3 Elislin
Thanks for the update!
Keep the chapter coming! Bring all the angst you can!
We need to be prepared for season 2
5/30/2016 c2 102MonkeyPajamas
So now that I'm not obsessed with my own fic, I can actually leave a review on this. And of course, in true fashion, my battery only has 20% left.

I really have real issues with father's dying. I mean, it's nothing with the way it's written, or the show presented it... just memories.

Poor Kurt. I mean, his world really was shattered in the finale.

Oh Weller. She is the one. She's not the one you thought she was, but she is the one. She's more than one lie, than one mistake.

His thoughts are so perfect, it's breaking my heart.

That whole paragraph about how Jane had come to the FBI and he was the one to suggest and how he wanted to atone... so wonderful.

This is everything I want to say.

Just the notation that Jane looks afraid of him... so painful!

He drew his gun on her. Gah, its killing me. I know it happened on the show, but how dare he!

I can't be tearing up over this. How dare you!

(Hey, still have 15% battery left!)
5/27/2016 c2 Amydave29
My Jeller heart! Season 2 will be so tough to watch. This is a great story to hold out hope they will fix this! You always do a great job!
5/27/2016 c2 slayathon
Loving it
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