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5/17/2020 c1 oscuro oscuro
Fue una buena historia me encantó de principio a fin , sabes es curioso como Buu termino absorbiendo a su lado malvado y no al revés mientras era una reserva de ki separado de su propio poder siendo está ves el quién se transforme en super buu y en cuanto a cell creo que el tendría que hacer lo que le dijo Goku a freezer y vivir con el trauma de su derrota ya que Majin Buu fue mucho más poderoso que él y al final su vida se salvó por un debilucho como cooler y debido a eso su gran orgullo está echo pedasos en fin fue una muy buena historia.
1/27/2020 c11 1EVA-Saiyajin
Hmm, pretty cool. Nice buildup to Cell's reveal of his death.

That said, I disagree that the emotional trigger would have been sufficient for Trunks. Goku made it clear that Super Saiyan 3 wasn't achieved with an emotional trigger, but rather by digging deep inside of him. It's not stable, it's pulling power out of his self. More akin to a much, much better version of the Ultra state for SS2.

But the details were good, the handling nice and fun, so it's basically a nitpick.
9/14/2019 c19 x2leoj
Really great fic, the battle and techniques were described beautifully and the power scaling was done very well. The characters were on point and the plot was entertaining, well done.
9/12/2019 c4 x2leoj
This plotline is absolutely fantastic wow, very unique, plus who doesn’t like the read Cell’s character when written well. Very good storytelling so far.

Hopefully Cell will eventually beat Buu/Babidi his journey so far has been enjoyable.
9/2/2019 c19 Luke
Occurred to me...Cell now gets to go on an 'endless' rampage...at least until Beerus wakes up and Hakai's Cell.
9/3/2019 c19 4Gater-Da-Gunslinger
Cool story bro! Waiting for your next DBZ story!

No sa lol

What to say? I believe I’ve said many many MANY times that your writing is amazing and I see that you have put all your effort and love in this story. It’s very unique; Majin Androids, Cell absorbing both of them at the same time (I know you reminded me that it happened in the Xenoverse games), Cell making use of his good side (Goku cells) to trick the Supreme Kai into trusting him, Buu absorbing Trunks and in turn turning ‘good’ and creating Buu City (lmao), even going as far as try to protect the humans on Earth. I do wonder how long that would have lasted though. I see Buu as always having evil in his heart and Trunks’s pure heartedness wouldn’t change that. But you’re the writer )

Incorporating Cooler was a really good idea and Cell pretty much making him his bitch cracked me up. Android 16 was… ehh didn’t think much of it. Seems like you only threw him in there just to distract Cooler from his goal.

Don’t even get me started on Cell’s personality. You did it wonderfully! (my face, how dare you spit on my perfect face! Idk where, who and how it was said exactly, but I can’t forget it XD). Making use of Cell’s many techniques of the Z-Fighters was another thing I really liked and even having the juniors do them too (Nappa’s explosion move is seriously underrated.)

And Trunks, poor Trunks. Never got the ending he deserved. He had a tragic ending. Worse than death; getting absorbed by Buu and then killed by Cooler. Who knows what happens to him now? He most likely didn’t end up in Otherworld. Instead, he probably ended up in hell, while still inside Buu forever and never see his friends again. His mother will always wonder what happened to her son and that’s just so…sad ,(

And Bulma! How you wrote her character was amazing. Reminded me of the old voice actor! You portrayed her well.

Buu personality didn’t really stand out as much as the others. I guess it was because I expected it to change when he absorbed Trunks.

Cell’s method of powering up I liked also; burning himself to near death over and over again.
And now the ending.

The Spirit Bomb, which always fails except with Kid Buu in canon. A little confused, it was Cooler who created the Spirit Bomb and threw it right? I would think that Cell would only be able to do that, but I guess he could have taught it to him.

Cooler’s sacrifice was unexpected but welcomed. A heroic end for the Frost Demon R.I.P.

What I found humorous was that Cell actually went to Buu City where the remaining humans were that he was protecting and killed them all just to spite him (also to gain some energy). Who was that long-haired woman who tried to stand up to Cell first? Mai? Videl?

Then he goes up and blows up the planet and your description is satisfying )

Honesty, while the ending wasn’t the best, I really don’t think there was any other way to finish it without expanding it. All those other paths you could have taken…they were crazy. You clearly have thought this story through probably spent hours on it for years. Talk about super brainstorm. The other one that crossed my mind that you might do was the Buu absorbing Cell, to become Perfect Buu, which you mentioned in your list of ideas. In some way, he would have still fulfilled his dream...sorta lol It would have been a unique way to make it a Perfect Future P

But like I said, in doing this, you’d either have to make the story longer or make a sequel, which you didn’t want.

Overall bro, this story was fantastic and I hope that you continue writing, be it Dragon Ball or whatever else may interest you.

Keep it up!

8/21/2019 c18 Luke
Damn, Cell's plan is working! Buu is going to get a spirit bomb...but then Buu isn't really evil (like Kid Buu was)...is the Spirit Bomb even going to work on him?
8/23/2019 c18 GhostKing666
I wonder, during their fight did 16 mention to Cooler what Buu has been up to? Why 16 was working with him? If Cooler can learn that Majin Buu is no longer the same engine of destruction he was millions of years ago, then perhaps Cooler could be convinced to switch sides. Cooler has no interest in Earth, which seems to be Buu's current focus, which means that Cell is the biggest threat to the universe here. If 16 can change Cooler's opinion of Buu, then that Spirit Bomb that Cooler is building up would be an ironic way to kill Cell rather then Majin Buu.
8/21/2019 c18 5warriorofdark
Telling one hell of a battle. But i got the sneaking suspicision that majin buu the force of good is going to triumph over cell.
8/21/2019 c18 1xThomas2
8/13/2019 c17 4Gater-Da-Gunslinger
"if you're so perfect why do you need help to win?"

Ouch! Savage Buu. That should have killed Cell lol

I wonder just who you're having Cooler fight? A weaker version of Kid Buu perhaps?

Nice to see you back! Looking foward to the conclusion of this creative story of yours!

8/1/2019 c17 Luke
...I am really curious as to who Cooler is fighting! I wonder if Cell can keep it up long enough to wear down Buu if he can't get the Spirit Bomb to help him.

Great story, a bit sad it is coming to an end! :(
7/22/2019 c16 Luke
Congrats on you exam results! What subject was it in?

As for the story, I would never complain about shorter chapters...better than never getting any chapters! ;)

Excited to see how you wrap this up! ...not many stories that I can't see where the author is going, but this is one of them!
7/24/2019 c13 HA4e
Please no DB Xenoverse stuff, I immediately lose interest and drop a DBZ fic if it has any reference to Time Patrollers or Time Breakers. This story was a good read with all the action and stuff until that part.
7/23/2019 c6 1The Unkindness
Kinda sucks that Trunks was never given the chance to go new namek.
Great chapter by the way. Have a nice day
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