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for The Empire Of Uzushiogakure : The Tale Of The Bringer Of Happiness

9h c1 1Scrawl the Penguin
Can’t wait for the next chapter
5/7 c15 Freddielebron
By the time I catch up to the recent chapters the kage summit will just be starting. Dude you’ve prolonged it for so long. Seriously . I feel sorry for the readers cause you kept promising it back in like chapter 9
4/28 c19 Guest
Hanabi à vraiment besoin de fruit du demon ?
4/26 c20 Borello
the story is really good. i can't wait for more chapter.
4/26 c16 2Rashio
Also, how is what they're doing ANY different from what the other villages are doing? They're infiltrating and want to force their beliefs on them, which is exactly what MC accused the original villages of. I just don't see how they're any better. They even killed enemy ninja and blamed it on a different village to cause upset. I thought Naruto wanted to get rid of this kind of manipulation?
4/26 c16 Rashio
*People give out examples of basic strategies*

Karin speaks upWhy not everything, all at once?"

*People applaud her as a genius
4/25 c20 edbones100
are u kidding me? after all that time, just to get a poll results?
4/25 c3 Rashio
Seriously chill. They're called reviews and not compliments for a reason. They're supposed to be feedback. Whether people write good feedback or not it a different matter but don't go attacking people like a cornered animal. If you don't care what people think then don't read the reviews, don't yell it in their faces.
You remind me of Amy's Baking Company when I read those responses..
4/25 c7 AJGuardian
He's not party of any treaties or alliances that would legally demand him to comply.

It's just a power move to get him to the elemental nations in their terms.
If I were him I'd tell them to kindly go fuck themselves.
4/24 c20 kirito the black battousai
can't wait for the next chapter
4/24 c20 CoCoDu11
Personally I would prefer that it is Tsume and not Sasuke who goes to the samurai (I would like a super badass scene of Tsume in Kaodo XD version). When with Sasuke I don't really like him to become the next Zoro (I've always adored Zoro while I don't like Sasuke very much (whether it's personality, his behavior ... ect). I can't wait to see the rest and above all I can't wait to see Naruto ridicule the kages (or more than ridicule them;) )
4/24 c20 layettejean
buen capítulo nos vemos el próximo mesentiendes la referencia )
4/24 c20 KatanaHalo
very good love this story and see what you have in mind so much I like it, you don't know how much I wait for the performances thanks for this fantastic story
3/19 c19 Z
Why the wife and especially kain, tayuya does not bear the name of Uzumaki like Honoka
3/19 c19 Guest
Pourquoi les épouse et surtout karin, tayuya ne porte pas le nom des Uzumaki comme Honoka
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