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4/22/2018 c1 animejunker
please update
4/6/2017 c2 Guest
Y would u bring Velvet and Coco n 2 this
11/13/2016 c2 Unknown135
I'm already really enjoying this story. I have to wonder what Winter's reaction to Ruby will be. Or how Weiss will react to Winter's reaction.
Anyway, looking forward to chapter 3.
11/3/2016 c2 6RWBY Fan Mode
Yeah :) your back my friend I'm so happy for my Review poor Velvet she was scarred for life and Yang was like a ninja and Weiss obsession for Ruby is already so deep I'm almost afraid to continue this story... Almost.

Can't wait for Episode 3
10/30/2016 c2 2moongooseman
ok I got all the typos in a document. Took a while because I was super fucking busy all day and I'll P.M them to you since I'm only allowed to write 2 reviews per chapter.
10/30/2016 c2 moongooseman
Well. Weiss is definitely a yandere. At least she isn't like Winter... Yet. Anyway Weiss to me is a bit overprotective when it comes to Ruby. I'm saying this because she locked Velvet in a barn. there was a couple Typos but I can forgive that. Anyway can't wait for the next chapter.
6/4/2016 c1 moongooseman
definitely one of your darker stories I'll admit. So far nothing can beat how dark Fragile Rose got and I'm horribly sorry that your going through a writers block. hopefully you'll figure it out soon. I don't know how it works but. I'm just hoping you get it together.
5/24/2016 c1 6RWBY Fan Mode
Yo bro this is Dark alright :) please tell me your not planing to kill Yang Aw man take my life instead. ...kidding Haha :) I like it I'm going to Favorite you.

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