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for Through Our Eyes

4/11/2003 c1 13Morbane
Poor confused crittur. *sigh, laugh*
3/6/2003 c1 20heath 999
Cool story! Are you going to continue it? It took long enough for someone to write a Snap fic.
1/24/2003 c1 8Minty-Fivestar
Wow, I've never seen a Pokemon Snap fic before! Sounds promising so far, what's Todd gonna do when the Pokemon get mad at him? Can't wait to see where this goes. See ya!

-the Lady Pichu*Star, queen of all Pokemon
1/24/2003 c1 11Marie9
Hmm...VERY short, but also VERY promising! This is the first 'fic I've seen involving Snap! This fic caught my attention, and has kept it!

This is DEFINITELY going on my faves list! Keep going, I want to see where you go with this!

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