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8/4/2020 c8 bumblebeetuna958
perfect gimme some more
8/4/2020 c7 bumblebeetuna958
love it love it love it
8/4/2020 c5 bumblebeetuna958
so fear had a vision about riley dying of old age. huh.
6/17/2019 c20 Guest
This is great, nice job. I always kinda saw Disgust and Anger being together!
4/13/2018 c23 XxxBellsxxX
Can you do another Fear X Anger? Mabey one where Fear is upset because he made a mistake and Anger tries to comfort him?
2/15/2018 c5 Rainbowsfluffy
Can i see a second part of Anger X Fear PLEASE I NEED TO KNOW THE ENDING!
11/10/2017 c9 8Pearl Bramble of Willowbottom
I love reading all these stories. I'm wondering if you can read and review my story, "Controlled by Fear". I'll be updating my story very soon with new chapters, too.
8/8/2017 c15 Coolcat7789
When are you going to write a Anger x Disgust Chapter? I ️ IT!
7/17/2017 c4 18Svinorita
Hilarious! They make a cute couple. Who ever thought Sadness was so daring? And Anger is just a big softie deep down after all...
2/28/2017 c23 4nickyreader1
Could you have JoyxAnger? I was thinking of maybe Joy and Anger starting a family if that's alright with you?
9/26/2016 c12 BrickStarShipper
I LOVE THIS CHAPTER! _ and i ship them!
8/17/2016 c11 Booklover5434
DisgustxFear where fear has a list he's scared of and disgust is up there too. She confronts him, they talk about it, and kiss

8/17/2016 c1 Guest
Human!Emotions with FearxDisgust please!
7/16/2016 c22 3ThatShinigamiLady
I don't ship it but that was cute anyway
7/16/2016 c3 ThatShinigamiLady
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