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12/23/2018 c1 7Althea Sirius
Uh, interesting idea.
2/21/2017 c5 11Sammael29
It's alright. Don't apologise. Just let me know if the next chapter will take quicker to post online.
Please keep writing,
12/7/2016 c4 Sammael29
I see Wreck-it Ralph is the new Agent Coulson. If that's the case, who is Nick Fury? Sergeant Calhoun, perhaps? Or a humanised Chief Bogo?
Anyway, you're doing great getting back to the story. Can't wait for the next update(but I'll probably have to),
11/24/2016 c4 Guest
Well i seen iron man and big hero 6 and thought it would be interesting if the main characters were eachothers position and i have to say this story does a great job of doing that. Also i cant wait to see what animated film character get turned into a marvel equivalent. Keep up the good work and keep writing.
9/2/2016 c3 Sammael29
I'm glad to see a new update. I'm going to say Robin Djinn is based off the Genie from Aladdin, but as a regular, pink-skinned human version of him.
What will happen when Hiro comes back to the US?
Please keep writing this story,
7/5/2016 c2 Sammael29
I like what you're doing with this so far. Who is the new Dr. Yinsen? Who are the Ten Rings?
Hope you update soon with new action.
All the best,
6/29/2016 c1 read.me.restless
Not crushing your dreams, just wanted to say your writing is amazing.
6/4/2016 c1 Sammael29
I like what you're doing with this story. Is Callaghan your version of the Iron Monger?
Keep up the good work,
5/24/2016 c1 1RiseOfTheShadow
Love how this is a cannon, just a side note that this is working out similar to the iron man plotline, careful. However this is a great story and I enjoyed every second reading it. Write on! I look forward to whatever you write next in this exciting story!
10/10 :D

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