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6/6/2021 c1 lumusmaxima77
Loved your 3 Dragon Trainers' stories. But I have to ask you, can you write one about the gang finally discovering Astrid an Hiccup relationship?
4/9/2020 c1 derekctomlinson
astrid smirking at her husband hiccup home is your penis
5/28/2019 c1 allltooowelll
Love it!
8/21/2018 c1 kineu hansen
I will love a successor to thank freyja one where their relationship will be publicly made and hiccup propose to astrid and they have their wedding night with full of sex and they will have a daughter named freyja
5/5/2018 c1 40Plasma Snow
This is amazing, and I really love your writing style.
12/12/2017 c1 Guest
Please come back I miss ur stories. So damn tired of modern au and stupid shit au oh and the damn rates K crap
9/2/2017 c1 2LillyHalliwell
Loved it, perfect amount of fluff, the last story had a bit of a sad/nostalgic ending.
3/16/2017 c1 5Lifes Dark Angel
Loved it!
2/1/2017 c1 GoldenKingOfUnlimitedBlades
"Scratch an itch"? I see what you did there xD
11/30/2016 c1 LW12
very good
8/30/2016 c1 10Ru-Doragon
...BITCH YOU KELT ME UP TILL 1:40 a.m.! I have to be at work at 6:30! ...So yeah. Obviously I loved it and the previous story. I SERIOUSLY need to go to bed now though.
7/20/2016 c1 lara5170
This was great and you are the best. I love your sexy Hiccup and I hope you continue to write him so
7/10/2016 c1 LightningAndDeathItself218
Are you okay? Not trying to be annoying, but I haven't heard from TF in a good while.
6/26/2016 c1 8Dragonbow117
This seems like Deja-vu to me XD. Similarities between chap 14 and this. But hey, Hiccup changed it up I guess. By... "ruining" her fun.
6/1/2016 c1 Mecherz
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