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for All The Kings Men

4/15/2019 c5 Guest
This is great but please add more chapters
8/20/2017 c5 laneme
I love your story i hope you will write the end soon
7/23/2017 c5 GeminiM
Amazing chapter! Love it.
7/23/2017 c4 GeminiM
I am sad Jarod caught again. Noooooooo!
Great story. Can't wait for its conclusion.
7/22/2017 c3 GeminiM
Great chapter! Rained finally dead.
7/22/2017 c2 Gemini M
Love your story. Glad that Jarod is finally planning to take down the Centre.
7/8/2017 c5 Nia
Omg amazing and heartbreaking. I can't wait to read more
7/7/2017 c4 Brenda247
How deep is Hell ? That's what all of this make me think .Because every time I think that they can't bring him lower each chapter prove me wrong. Anyway I really , like , REALLY hope that's the final bottom . And that Jarod had still a bit of fire to continue the fight even if it's well hidden.
10/2/2016 c3 2Sapphireprincess1
Can't wait to read what happens next :-)
9/5/2016 c2 Brenda992
You know what ? Maybe I should buy Jarod a lucky charm . No better , a lot of lucky charms ! Because I think he's gonna need it . Hmm.
8/21/2016 c2 Nans
Oh goody another chapter.
Very dark.
But now Jarod has a plan to take down the centre or as you said chop off its head.
Waiting to see where you are headed.
7/8/2016 c1 Whashaza
Yay. You're back. More please.:-)
7/6/2016 c1 Brenda992
THANK YOU ! For keeping your words . And I'm so glad to read another part of this trilogy.
6/2/2016 c1 Debra
Welcome back Jacci. Enjoying reading your new story. Thanks.
5/31/2016 c1 Ma
OMG! Amazing! :))))
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