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10/15/2016 c24 9fireman23
So it is done then! Great job (Overall and in this part)!

The ending is a little melancholic, especially with the reminder of what happened in reality. Still it is good to read.
10/15/2016 c24 val.tripodi
Beautiful ending. And as you said, Geirlaug became the ancestor of many great men and women. Mathilda Of Flanders was The Conqueror's wife, and Eleanor of Aquitaine to Henry II and gave their cousin the king of France a hard a time.

Let's wait and see what Hirst has in store for us in 4 B. Sometimes I have th feeling that he intends to finish the series after Mathilda is anointed queen of England in 1067. Both The Conqueror and Mathilda being Rollo's descendant would be a perfect closing to the Viking Era as well as a fulfilment of the bear and the princess' prophesy.

Keep on writing, it's been a pleasure to read you. Greetings from a rainy spring afternoon in Uruguay.

10/12/2016 c23 fireman23
I guess the 'addition to historical accuracy' means me ;)

It's really fun to imagine the tumult created by a missing bride!
Either I overread it or Geirlaug didn't tell Rollo where she spent the night (And I'm not sure she would want to tell him). And they are making too much of an effort with the sheets, they could have simply swapped the old one for it - which also doesn't leave scars!

The old woman should be old enough to have known Charlemagne? Seriously she's 110 years old?
Although the timeline in the show is compressed, Gisla is set as Charlemage's great-granddaughter (she wasn't in reality, but you know that already), and she's well past her forty in your story!

I am forgetting something here, but I can't seem to find it... oh, yeah, great chapter! :D
But you may read over it again, there are passgages where the grammar seems slightly off to me...
10/12/2016 c23 val.tripodi
You did it! Again! Keep on writing, even if it makes me cry (please don't kill Gisla before season 4B starts)
10/5/2016 c22 fireman23
Alright, I loved the chapter, and I wish you didn't have to split it... it feels too short! Great Job!

Just a little note: surely they would have needed several days in preparation for the celebrations. And possibly, the celebrations took several days? that would not be unusual for nobles...
10/5/2016 c22 val.tripodi
Well, that was... coming.
9/28/2016 c21 fireman23
I can clearly picture the scene, in all its embarrassing details, so definitely you kept Rollo and Gisla in character! And Guillaume must have felt horrified - meeting the parents is never quite easy...

I kinda have a little flashback to the the movie 'Meet the parents'... :D

And, I don't mean to sound pedantic, but your Author's Note at the end doesn't quite follow the rules of grammer (I hope you hope the slight Rolisala moments).
Furthermore, you wrote a few times Poitiers without an S... ;)
9/28/2016 c21 val.tripodi
You being Rolisla trash is what makes me love you. Not that I have forgiven you go making me cry en you decided to give Gisla an early grave leaving Rollo and the chiĺdren to fend alone.
P.S. how old are they? Mid forties and mid sixties?
9/22/2016 c20 renata.deoliveirasena
I loved this chapter. They will finally be together. All of them. Rollo as a grandfather would be very funny. I imagine that he will play a lot with the baby. He loves children.
I loved the fight scenes. I felt like I was there. Very well written.
9/21/2016 c20 fireman23
Nice chapter as usual! Although if not for the attack, it would almost have felt like a filler (unfortunately).
I admit, Viking Age England is a little more my knowledge base, so forgive me if I'm wrong: Didn't Geirlaug take the name Adele indepentendly of her wedding when she was baptized? If I remember correctly, she was born and raised (half)-pagan, and only baptized when she was a couple of years old, after Rollo was made the duke of Normandy in 911 (Guillaume was definitely born in the 880s, Geirlaug I don't remember right now)...
9/14/2016 c19 fireman23
Great chapter! (Why do I keep saying this, it's getting repetitve... ?!)

Apparently Geirlaug is not the only one in her family who likes to tease...

As someone, who has spent a fair amount of time among injured people (the doubtful joys of being an emergency worker), I can definitely confirm that it is nothing for weak stomachs. The smell alone often enough is awful, you got that very well!

I've only noticed that Sprota is certain of her Guillaume's love and devotion to her - but did she not say herself in the chapters before that Guillaume always trusted his friends to much and his loyalty may even surpass the love for her? When they first learned of the plan to marry one of their daughters to Guillaume? (My WiFi keeps breaking off, so I can't go back and look right now...)
9/14/2016 c19 val.tripodi
9/7/2016 c18 fireman23
Alright, it it pretty obvious and well known that the show messed the real timeline up completely, considering that, you've found a way to get pretty much all in what happened around that time... absolutely fantastic!
I would have said, the Danelaw Kingdom was already in its last tracks when Normandy was given to Rollo, so it would have been a good idea to indicate the decline here as well. It even fits with the timeline, considering that your story is set 15 or 20 years after Season 4.1!

On the other hand, I doubt that anyone could plan a journey as far as Winchester to Paris to the exact day of arrival. More likely, they would deal with the envoy when he arrived, possibly warned by a guard who had ridden before when they were a day out. Especially with the channel to cross, every planning is useless - I doubt that I have to remind you of all people, that William the conqueror had to delay his crossing for several weeks, due to unsuitable weather...
9/4/2016 c17 fireman23
Well, this is an unusual chapter... still it is great what you've made of all those sagas!

And obviously, this chapter is also a tie-in with your "Thorunn alone" story... Well done!
Floki and Helga are exploring in the North, maybe Iceland? Hint: that's where a real Floki is famous for, being among the first to settle there...

But seriously, I cannot believe that Siggy would not blame Aslaug in the slightest. I mean, even if he had accepted her, Bjorn would have been away for long stretches of time during the raids - that way, it is not so much different from what you suggest.
But Aslaug is there, and no matter how much care she needs to give to Ivar (it will be easier as he gets older, I suppose), that Siggy is not cared for, or even fed is unforgiveable. And if she was too busy, she's a Queen - she should have at least told the servants to care for Siggy. So I don't see why Siggy places the entire blame on Bjorn and none on Aslaug.

And what would the people think, if the Queen lets her step-granddaughter starve?
9/4/2016 c16 fireman23
It's really great to learn a little more about Guillaume's background.
Well done!

PS: Happy birthday to your father!
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