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for Dumbledore's OTP

3/27 c1 Guest77
Indeed, this is how I prefer my Dumbledore. Not that manipulative/bashing crap
9/1/2019 c1 moralllygrey
This is probably what actually happened.
7/31/2017 c1 AvidReader4746

My favourite line was "the entire school are pairing them already." I can totally see them all discussing Jily in the halls. :D
6/19/2017 c1 4Linz2
XD gosh dang it dumbledore.
7/25/2016 c1 2Emz Fan
I do really like this I always wondered whether James was head boy with Lily, because Lily and Remus were prefects, it was mentioned in the Order of the Phoenix.

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5/25/2016 c1 21Blackpantherprince
Hilarious! :) I knew that Dumbledore is manipulative, but not that he is a matchmaker too... LoL... so, THAT was the reason to James Potter's selection as Head boy... LoL, yeah, why not, quite in line with both James' and Dumbledore's characters ( no surprise that he ( Canon Dumbledore) is a Lily/James shipper... and such a romantic fellow... I can almost see the twinkle in Dumbledore's eyes ... the stunned silence from the others... LoL...
5/25/2016 c1 three-cats-in-a-trenchcoat
Hahahaha! Oh god that is SO perfect... Dumbledore ships James and Lily! This made my day.

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