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for Ever As Before

11/9/2017 c3 perfectfiresky
Hi! Just wanted to ask if there is going to be a continuation of this story?
10/28/2017 c3 Identical Twins
Belle - Snow White and Hermione Granger - Rose Red

Belle - Snow White - Introverted

Hermione Granger - Rose Red - Extroverted

Intelligence Equals Isolation: Played straight at the beginning of the first book, but subverted later, when it becomes clear that Hermione is not particularly shy.

Intelligence Equals Isolation: Belle suffers this in Villeneuve due to its villagers' rampant Anti-Intellectualism and Stay in the Kitchen attitudes.

Belle and Hermione Granger—I’m fairly certain that these two would be best friends if they ever met during their childhood past in canon. They practically have identical personalities, and they're both outcasts (at first) who grew up lonely—because they're clever bookworms who love to read. I feel like if they ever met during their childhood in canon, they'd just click. They'd be the type of best friends who could hang out for hours and hours talking and reading together, and never ever even get sick of each other. Also, they're different from each other yet extremely similar to each other, so they could practically be identical twin sisters! Ah, if only these two had grown up together with each other in canon…Belle and Hermione would've had each other as identical twin sisters in canon, and neither Belle nor Hermione would have to be lonely outcasts so much at all, would they?
5/3/2017 c3 Identical Twins
"They're identical twins, they're girls." "Isn't that great, honey? Two beautiful little girls. I'll call the younger one, Hermione and the older one, Belle." "I'm so very happy. I have two wonderful daughters." Both parents smiled. "You can take them home tomorrow morning." "Thanks." "I'm so excited, daughters!"
4/9/2017 c3 Lalala
This is really good so far please can you update soon.
9/13/2016 c3 Identical Twins
What's it like if Belle (Played by Emma Watson next year) and Hermione Granger were born and portrayed to be biologically related to each other by blood as identical twin sisters so far anyway? Huh?
9/13/2016 c3 Identical Twins
"My name is Belle Granger. Hermione's big older identical twin sister." she said as she introduced herself. "I'm pleased to finally meet you, Harry Potter. Hermione's my little younger identical twin sister." she explained. "She and I are twin sister best friends. She and I live with our ordinary, muggle parents. They're both dentists. Hermione and I got letters from Hogwarts which it surprised us. Although they were "a bit bemused" by the oddities displayed by us, they were known to be proud of us."

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