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for One Piece OC Arc: Punk Hazard

2/20/2020 c10 Guest
I like that Ash has such an interesting personality where he's less reserved than smoker and has low self esteem I think it gives him some development and doesn't just make him a smoker reskin
11/8/2018 c10 Guest
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11/8/2018 c7 Guest
If I have offended you in any way I’m sorry
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5/27/2018 c10 Vergil Leonidas
Ah, talk about a long time since I've read this tale, nearly two years since I sort of just stopped after chapter 4. Quite a few things happened in the meantime and when I was finally about to start catching up I just decided to rewrite my own story and sort of fell out of One Piece fanfictions all together. But now I'm back.

Punk Hazard was always that set up kind of arc, even if it is really long in the manga and I don't really want to touch upon anime in that regard. So you did a good job with it.
Penni was from the start to the very end kinda I don't know how to feel about her kind of character. On one hand she's interesting, on the other hand she often came off as kind of not my cup of tea. But you did a good job with writing her.
Then there's set up with underground and everything that surrounds it so yeah, I'd say this was a good set up arc.
5/18/2018 c8 1diazr9999
Thank you for saying that to me it means a lot
5/17/2018 c10 20Exile037
Catherine: Dressrosa?! We're coming home!"

Momo (grins smugly and cracks her knuckles): Finally.

Kristal: It would be nice to go back after all these years for us.

Hitori: But I think things have changed since we left.

Matsuki (licks lips): You may be right. I wonder how much fun we can get into in our hometown!

Dermari: Hope we meet these friends of Ellix. Especially the cute deer.

Thom: Wait, are we going with them?

Lucas: Obviously.

Aidan: Might be fun. I can't want to show Ellix what I can do.

Here's hoping you get your chance. Overall, good end to a great chapter.
5/15/2018 c9 5KP360
After so long it's good to see you're getting back into this! Glad to see you've gotten close to the end here, and you've taken quite a bit of creative content near the end there with the introduction of other characters in the Underworld. This outta be interesting later on in the series!
5/14/2018 c9 20Exile037
Thom: Catfight? Catfight!

Catherine (twitches an eyebrow): Really?

Thom: It was in the moment.

He's got a point. Most guys can't pass up a good catfight.

Thom: Besides you love us.

Catherine: Maybe Ellix, Lucas, Chopper, and Aiden. (Sees Sanji looking down before sighing.) You two, Sanji-kun.

Sanji: Catherine-sama loves me.

Thom: Ouch. Well, that's just hurtful.

I can be patient, Cat. Anyway, Nice chapter.
5/14/2018 c9 28Son of Whitebeard
good seeing smoker taking command
5/14/2018 c9 35FourthWallBreaker
Duuuude! Two chapters so fast that's awesome! :D I think you're leeching off my writing speed a bit, but that's fine since I've been busy.

Glad to see Nami take out such a interesting (but creepy) villain, and have Ellix get a hit in there too. I'm looking forward to seeing how your plot with Ellix affects the rest of the canon storyline - especially with all the stuff that's happening already!
5/14/2018 c9 1diazr9999
Awesome chapter I can’t wait for the next chapter and more Ellix and Nami moment including film gold of Ellix and Nami and carina moments
5/14/2018 c9 Guest
Alright I can’t wait for the next chapter and more Ellix and Nami moment including film gold
5/10/2018 c8 20Exile037
Catherine: I have never seen Annabel this furious.

Thom: After what happened in Marineford, I don't blame her.

Catherine: I feel I should talk to her.

Best to give her space and vent off that anger. And it looks like Ash can relate to her hatred of marines. Good chapter, btw.
1/10/2018 c7 5ThiefofStealth
man, Penni is totally amazing in her own way, isn't she? i like her! her 'pervertness' reminds me of myself a bit xD
and Ash too! boy he's totally coool! too bad he's not that different from Smoker because they both are smoking cigarettes! but still, he's pretty cute AAAAA

man, college really wreck us over, isn't it? but now that its holiday, i can try to continue the chronicle! uoooooh!
1/7/2018 c7 1diazr9999
I can’t wait for more chapters and stories of your one piece stories and more
Ellix and Nami moments
Ellix x Nami
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