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for Before the Curtain Called

2/5/2017 c5 RobinRedoe
I loved the story and the fact that you even had them invent a special custom made weapon to treat the bad guys with. Ow, penny-bullets, that must've hurt. Almost a pity you had to stop. The only thing I'd like to say is that I feel you rounded up the last bit of the chapter a little bit too rushed. But then again, it simply ends when Murdock getting shot. :)
Thanks for letting me know you wrote this one! I enjoyed it.
2/3/2017 c3 RobinRedoe
Go Tawnia! Enjoying this :D
2/3/2017 c1 RobinRedoe
Loving this already. And this is only chapter 1 I've read ;)
6/13/2016 c5 24MissEclipse
Oh, I love the montage description. Shooting coppers from the vacuum - so Hannibal! It tied in effortlessly with Murdock getting shot. I very much enjoyed this little adventure.
6/12/2016 c5 23LittleMonkeyDog
Shooting pennies at the bad guys ! What a great idea!
This is a perfect prequel to the actual episode. Loved it as usual!
6/11/2016 c4 LittleMonkeyDog
I so had fun with Murdock. First of all his little chemistry lesson about copper and then offering on of his stuffed animals to Face when they're calling it a night. LOL
I just love those two together :) Hmm so Decker is somehow hot on their heels. I can smell trouble.
Great job once again !
6/2/2016 c3 24MissEclipse
Loving it so far! Lots of intrigue, banter and humour to help move things along. Although I guess darker times are ahead! Oh, and nice use of Tania and her assets - LOL! Can't wait to read more.
5/26/2016 c3 23LittleMonkeyDog
Liked the three chapters I've read so far. Glad the team arrived in team to rescue their client, his wife and their horses. Loved the scam with Tawnia and Face !
Kinda curious to read the rest of the story. Big fan once again. Great work as usual!

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