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for The Dying Will Flame of the Know-It-All Princess

4/28/2021 c3 lil'yah lunar fox
I think you should do kyoya
4/10/2021 c1 SpaideZ
Just a Spade casually dropping by
3/6/2021 c10 12BlackOrchid1978
Please continue, I would love to know more about what her godfather wants her to do... Oh and I really want Ron, Mrs. Weasly and Professor Snape to get the Umbitch treatment... HEHEHEHEHE Maybe even Malfoy and his father... Oh don't let Sirius meet her family, the pranks they would pull would burn down Hogwarts and Hogsmede at the same time lol
1/28/2021 c3 psh1027
Aww, I really wish she wasn't paired up with anybody. But if you're really going to do it.. I vote Harry. Plus, your story is amazing.
10/2/2020 c8 1hitokori midnight
please please please uodate this! pleaseeeee i need to know what happens next!
8/2/2020 c10 Tilty.bbb
Love this fic
6/20/2020 c6 5Solaris Eclipsis
so first gonna say l9ve the story and the plot but just one question why is Hermione so hard on Harry if she understands his situation and kinda can see where he's coming from I don't see why she would be so hard on him. but maybe that's just me and my forgiving nature. anyway keep up the good work!
6/12/2020 c10 Guest
5/10/2020 c9 Victoria1676
3/2/2020 c3 1MysticRising
Hmm. I find it kinda stupid her parents are CEDEF. I think it would be better if Hermione was related on Nana's side, but her having Flames is wicked cool too. Most ironic thing is that she as Giotto's descendent has HI, and Divination said she was hopeless when HI is a form of foresight. Quite ironic in my opinion.
Anyways, i just find it silly overall that if her background is to have Mafia then wouldn't she have been more active in her roles? Or say have Vongola invade britain after the chamber of secrets as one of their own was petrified or when Voldemort was resurrected. Personally I think it would have been nice if she was ignorant of the mafia (cause she's related via nana not bakamitsu) and then have chaos arrive unexpectedly.
Anyways, I think both worlds can balance each other out very well. While wizards are fucking powerful and versitile, they lack so much common sense (I wish hermione calls malfoy a 'filthy inbred' or if she wonders if the family would have brothers fucking sisters, said crudely to emphasis her distain). The mafia also lacks common sense, but they are way more serious and better educated overall. Plus they use EVERY rss available in combat unlike wizards who rely so much on certain aspects like their wands that they are fundamentally useless without them.
8/27/2019 c3 Sir Boolin the Fuggiest Swae
No. Just no.
8/6/2019 c7 Angelious Micheal
the story is great but a little difficult for me to read...some of it is the Grammer others just kinda confused me..but it's a good story...
7/25/2019 c2 3SakuraKoi
harry and Hermione
1/1/2019 c10 Guest
Not bad, this is a pretty good chapter. Look forward to next one.

Off Topic: About your avatar, she’s mine too mate... Emma is just breathtaking and amazing, and not just her appearance. Personally I don’t get why people hate her as Belle, I think she owned it. (will be buying the DVD this week) And the singing wasn’t that bad, I think she did the best with what they had.
1/2/2019 c10 Suzululu4moe
Lol Harry dealing with issues.

Cutest babies around.
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