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for Devils on the Moorland

9/16/2016 c29 5Alpha007
Brilliant story, had me gripped from start to finish.
9/2/2016 c29 Formusan
This is a very satisfying end to a realistic story. Well done!
9/2/2016 c29 28Son of Whitebeard
ooh morbius
8/23/2016 c26 Guest
Being a UNIT story, I was expecting Kate and Osgood.
8/11/2016 c22 38asarahworld
It's hard to believe that this is fanfiction, and I write this as a compliment. It reads like a Past Doctor Adventure novel. This is a great story with highly developed OCs and insight into the Sea Devils, Lockwood, and the Doctor.
8/2/2016 c20 Guest
This has the welcome feel of classic Doctor Who.
7/29/2016 c19 Guest
Good solid chapter.
7/22/2016 c17 asarahworld
It's interesting to see the Sea Devils' morality conundrum, how to deal with the apes' evolution to the dominant Terran species. While they are not aliens, they are such an alien race in terms of way of thinking, morality, etc. Another brilliant chapter
7/8/2016 c13 Guest
Very good chapter.
7/6/2016 c12 28Son of Whitebeard
good seing the sea devils
7/5/2016 c12 Guest
I like this story's potential but I wish there was a lot more of the Doctor.
6/23/2016 c8 38asarahworld
Morbius...isn't there a Doctor Who serial called The Brain of Morbius?
6/21/2016 c8 ZiggySTARDIS
:-0 That's intriguing, and exciting!
6/17/2016 c7 Guest
Great cliffhanger.
6/17/2016 c7 ZiggySTARDIS
I'm really enjoying this :-)
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