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for Daddy's Gone

7/9/2018 c15 Blistful2006
Damn this was just getting to the good stuff. I can’t wait to see what happens to Alice as I know she won’t let it go and more of her deceit it bound to come out. I am really hoping Everyone turns their backs on her.
9/30/2017 c15 dawn.schlimpf
Please update very soon Thank you
9/4/2017 c15 lazygirl89
I want Alice dead, I don't believe for one second that Alice is jaspers mate.
8/24/2017 c15 Charlie0925
Gosh, I am LOVING THIS BRILLIANT FIC, I just wish that there was more of it! ;o)
9/29/2016 c15 8MrsNShelby2021
please update soon
9/4/2016 c15 01Katie
Please update soon.
8/29/2016 c15 13doglover11
Damon change Bella into a vampire
8/26/2016 c15 honeybun37876
oh wow I wonder what will happen next! is jasper and alice really mates? will damon turn bella to his kind of vampires? hope you update soon thank you
8/18/2016 c15 4Steph A15
Im glad you updated but sad it was so Short. Damon and Bella seem are so cute together I Love this pairing. update a soon I cant wait to see what else happens while Damon is there.
8/17/2016 c15 2decadenceofmysoul
Awesome update!
8/17/2016 c15 1angel897
exciting to read enjoyed, the new chapter thank you :)
8/17/2016 c15 asia.joanna.7334
wow:) I like it:) Plis more
8/9/2016 c14 Guest
8/8/2016 c14 Guest
you are not continuing this, right? Is it in hiatus?
8/3/2016 c14 1AnimeEevee13mjc
Can't wait for the next chapter
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